EMS X TMNF: Qualification Cup #3
After two exciting Quali Cups most of the slots for the next EMS TMNF season are booked! But the 3rd Cup will come up next weekend and will be the last chance for all teams to qualify. All teams will fight for the remaining 2 slots!

Mappack for Cup #3

ATTENTION!!! for the last Quali Cup we will use the same Mappack as for Cup #2.

You can now download the Mappack on the TM Masters Map Packs Page. It is MAP PACK 9 - Play Off Semi.

Maps on tm-exchange:
TMM - Nothing2Lose
TMM - Mentality
TMM - Shotgun

Map distribution:
You will always see the Map for each match on the match page. Remember the Winner Bracket Final and Loser Bracket Final are Best of 3.

Support on IRC: #esl.tm

Qualification Cup #3

The last 2 slots will be determined in this Cup!

You should only participate at the Qualification Cups, if you really want to play in the ESL X TMNF. If you qualify and retire from this position, you will not be allowed to play Competition Amateur Premiership anymore! This rule is valid of course for the team and all players in this team. Moreover the players aren't able to change the team, after they have qualified with one team in the EMS.

Therefore we please every team to check its lineup before the Cups start, and to kick every member who won't play the EMS X TMNF with you. You should also consider that the member limit in the EMS will be restricted to 10 players (+ 1 manager if needed).


    Cup Dates:
  • Cup 3: Sunday, 22nd April, 16.00 CEST

  • Sign-Up:
    Sign up for Qualification Cup #3

  • 16 Slot Double Elimination (can be extended)
  • 4on4 Mode
  • Best of one
  • winner bracket final and loser bracket final: Best of Three
  • Overall final (Winner of winner bracket vs Winner of loser bracket) doesn't have to be played

  • Matchmode:
    Each map up to 7 Points Team Mode - like in the Premierships


    Top 2 of each Cup will get a slot for the ESL Major Series X!!


In these Cups we use the Check-In-System to prove that teams who join also participate in the cup. And we can allow teams in the last minute to join!

Phase 1 - Reservation (Green)
If you want to qualify for the EMS, sign up with your team!

Phase 2 - Confirmation (Yellow)
This takes place 30 minutes before the cup starts. Every team with a reserved slot from Phase 1 is now able to confirm parcitipation in the cup. Beware: you only have 10 minutes for this.

Phase 3 - Signup (Red)
Didn't get a slot in Phase 1? This is your very last chance to sign up now!

Conditions after successful qualification

  • ESL Premium is required for every Player at the beginning of the groupstage
  • The team has to exist of exactly 10 players (+1 manager if needed)

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    EMS X Trackmania Homepage

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       ESL TMNF Admins!

    joey, Sunday, 15/04/12 21:19
    comments (18)
    go hipnoz & YDK & dacSP & Dark :D let's see a nice fight ^^
    1 edits
    Don't forget mCon grrrrrr :)
    Who the h'll is Deutschland Neue Wortung or smth? Every time i try to click on their acc it says that it have been delete :)
    How come it's the same mappack?

    Go HipnoZ !
    gogo YDK
    gogo hipnoz :D
    Gogo mcon ! :D

    the next tmm pack (final pack) will be published as soon as both semifinals are played, according to what i know :)

    and as we cant say for 100% that both matches will be played on wednesday (it ofc seems so, but you can never know), its possible that the next mappack will be published quite late, wherefore you maybe wouldnt have enough time to train it. thats why we chose the same pack again
    i like the idea :)

    gogo YDK!!
    Aha ok, I didn't know that, I thought that it was like previous weeks. Thanks ;)
    FTW INFUSED PLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
    FTW Dark gogo :)
    Massa wrote:
    FTW INFUSED PLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

    where can i see a list of registered teams? :)

    Find and click the "Cup 3" link above in this news, and then click the "Members" tab :)
    mael goez esl admin :D
    thanks <3
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