Trackmania Premierships Spring Season 2012
Spring is here, and we can't wait to share with you our newest announcements. Check out this news for more info and find your own League. We also would like to offer something special for the Speeders. Besides a new Speed season, a new 1on1 premiership is here to conquer the fullspeed hearts! For builders, we also have an important part: we need new maps!

Competition Amateur Premiership 9

Soon we are back with a new CAP Season! But now it's already time to start the Signups, and again every team is allowed to participate at the CAP. No qualification will be needed! You can register your team here:

Register for CAP 9

The deadline to sign up is Wednesday, 25th April, 23.59 CEST!

Important note: even if you try to qualify for the EMS, you should still sign up your team for the CAP. Because then, incase you don't manage to qualify for the EMS, you will automatically drive the CAP instead!

The Divisions:
  • 1st Division: ESL Major Series (special Rules)
  • 2nd Division: at least 6 and maximum 13 players in your team
  • 3rd Division: at least 6 and maximum 16 players in your team
  • 4th Division: at least 6 and maximum 21 players in your team
  • 5th Division: at least 6 and maximum 23 players in your team

  • To determine which teams will play in which divisons, first of all the results from the last CAP season are decisive. Every team that didn't play the last season, will be put into the lowest league automatically.

    If you think though, that your team should play in a higher division, you have to write a Wildcard in form of a Support Ticket. There you have to describe why your team should be allowed to play in a higher division. For example list some achievements of your team/single players, show how you performed in the recent tournaments etc. Don't forget to add your homepage! Use "Wildcard CAP - *your wished League*" as title.
    Also the Admins will take a look at the ladders and other tournaments, to get a better overview of the special teamskills!

    For both Competition Amateur Premiership 9 and Speed Premiership 5 you have to create a separate team account as it is described below.

    Speed Premiership 5

    After a long time, the fifth edition of the Speed Premiership is here! There will be a separated news for describing the details and the new things! Check out the restrictions for signing up.

    • At least 6 and maximum 20 players in your team
    • A homepage entered
    • Uploaded team logo in your teamsheet

    There will be more than one division for this season. Depending on the teams signed up, there might be a wildcard request for the teams who could be seeded into different divisions.

    Register for Season 5

    The deadline to sign up is Friday, 13th April, 23.59 CEST!

    Important information for team registrations

    You need to create a seperate team account!
    To lock the teams we need separate team accounts for all Premierships.
    You NEED TO use the account you qualified with for the Premiership! Here a small tutorial about how the new team structure should work.


    1on1 Spring Fullspeed League

    As the next seasonal tournament, we are proud to present the 1on1 Spring Fullspeed League! This premiership will share the mappool with the SPS 5. We expect great fights in this championship. The schedule will be tuned to the number of playdays of the SPS 5. The fastest fullspeeder of TMNF wanted! As in the Winter League, Premiums and a special Spring League award are ready to be sent!

    • Valid TMNF gameaccount entered into profile sheet

    The groups will be seeded randomly. All other details will follow later in a separated news!

    Register for the Spring Fullspeed League

    The deadline to sign up is Friday, 13th April, 23.59 CEST!


    For this fifth season we will have 5 maps as start mappool. In the next news about SPS 5 and SFL, the builders of the basic mappack are going to be revealed! However, we need maps, which will be used as special tracks. The Playoffs mappack will be built up from the best maps.

    Requirements for fullspeed maps:
    • Name: "ESL-'name'" Use what you want for "name"
    • Length: 45 - 60 seconds
    • Make it ridable for every cam
    • Make it finishable in case of a small mistake
    • Do not set a password so that if a tiny update is needed we can react quickly
    • A GPS can be there, but not on the start block
    • Outros are forbidden
    • The track is not uploaded anywhere
    • Only classic boosts are allowed
    • Night mood is forbidden (A lot of players were forced to change their settings to be able to see clearly the curves of the map because of shadows)
    • The track was not used in any competition
    • The track is known only by yourself
    • Update:use the ESL signs

    Send your fullspeed map to this mail address:
    Please use the following style for your mail subject:
    "Maps - Speed - *your nickname*"
    You can send maps continuously until all special maps have been chosen.

    Admins wanted!

    We are looking for Admins! Do you have nice ideas? Are you willing to spend time to make our community happy and satisfied? If you want to support the community as an Admin and you would like to help us in all fields of TMNF, then apply here! Write a detailed application!
    Write it in English! Learn more

    Stay informed!

    Follow ESL_Trackmania on Twitter

    //Your Admin team
    Rasque, Saturday, 24/03/12 20:08
    Register for CAP 9
    Register for SPS 5
    Register for Spring Fullspeed League
    Send a fullspeed map
    comments (32)

    For the guys who are confused with timezone abbreviations^^

    CEST: Central-European Summer Time (f.e. Germany)

    Which means: from tomorrow!

    Anyway, you can check any timezones with a little tool up there in the black menu bar. Just click on the clock icon.

    Oh and btw..

    GOGO ALL! :D
    awesome! maybe it would've been nice with a 1v1 league for tech aswell though :)

    also, are there plans of submitting ingame news?
    2 edits
    frostBeule wrote:
    also, are there plans of submitting ingame news?

    Being done.;)
    1 edits
    great news! hope we can stream the season ;)
    Can I send tech maps even if it isn't necessary?
    Because I have 3 or 4 maps to send, but I'm confused because no news was posted here :s
    NICE !

    we are looking for tech maps for about 2 months now, check this news here:
    deadline to send maps is tonight, so gogo :p
    nice to see more speed events :)
    nice news! gogo
    gl hf! :)
    great !
    frostBeule wrote:
    maybe it would've been nice with a 1v1 league for tech aswell though :)

    That would've been awesome!
    New SPS <3 we all waited for it for a long time already, glad to see something happen in the Speed section :) <3
    yes really nice, but so sad to see that now, it as so better 1 year ago. But i hope Monarch will play it :)
    do we really need to use the ESL signs for the maps?
    The logo is cool, but tbh the direction signs are friggin ugly^^ y not the original TM ones, they're neat
    Its ok if you use normal arrows, some logos will do the trick :)
    kk thx ;)
    almost done with my track then
    im done :P
    hm yea frostbeule...i totally agree with your idea :)

    an international 1on1 cup or league would be really great!
    very nice :D
    I'm beginner on ESL forum

    So can you explain me where i could find rules for speed premiership 5 or could you give me a link

    thx for answer
    LDaron wrote:
    I'm beginner on ESL forum

    So can you explain me where i could find rules for speed premiership 5 or could you give me a link

    thx for answer

    It isnt out yet.
    sounds very nice :D

    Gonna noob very hard....it'll be great.
    sounds legit oO
    1vs1 techleague would be really nice!
    im not sure i understand the important notice for team premierships. what exactly are we supposed to do?
    You should sign up incase you and your team want to play any of those tournaments =)
    when does the sps maps come out and when does it start?
    when does the cap maps come out and when does it start?
    Looking forward to it :)
    But only one question. Sign up deadline is 25th... ok.. but what about team line up?
    bring the rings
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