Winter League Final: Byz VS. Wold! *Results*
Finally, we have reached the very last match of this Winter League. Byz and Wold are facing against each other in the final battle! Check out this news for informations.

Looks like Wold is kinda serious about this Cup. He has been fightning in the Lower Bracket since the fourth round, and survived everything. Unfortunately ArtiShöw had to quit because of other reasons, so he is going to get his 1 month Premium for the Third place. Byz, get ready to prevent your position in the Winner Bracket!



Sunday, 11/03/12 20:00
Status: closed

  Byz (#2) [3:14]  Wold (#1)

Update: 1on1 FUN Winter cup 2012 Results

Winter League Special award: won by Wold!

3 Months has been won by Wold
2 Months has been won by Byz
1 Month has been won by ArtiShöw

Congratulation guys! Thank you all for coming to this cup. See you on the next one!

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Rasque, Saturday, 10/03/12 00:21
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comments (7)
GL guys gogo!
gogooog Byz! <3

GL both! hf :)
Award+Premium keys granted. Good game guys.
Thx Rasque, and very good job with organizing the cup Rasque!
yea...great organization and gg for the winners!

grantz byz!!! really nice pole position :D
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