TM Masters and ESL TMNF cooperating!
Today we are happy to announce a cooperation between the TM Masters, that will start next week, and our Trackmania section! We hope this cooperation to become a benefit for the community, and want to thank the whole TMM Admin Staff for their collaboration!

TM Masters

The TM Masters is one of the biggest tournaments in TMNF and will take place from February until early May. As we announced it a few weeks ago we are scheduling the next edition of EMS and CAP according to the TMM. Therefore we want to wish all teams best luck and lots of fun in the TM Masters!

EMS Qualification Cups with TMM Mappacks

The most important point of our cooperation is the fact that we will share Mappacks! We are very thankful that the TM Masters Admins allowed us to use their Maps for the EMS Qualification Cups. As the EMS will start directly after the TMM finishs, the Cups will be played during the TMM Playoffs, which means in April. Therefore no team playing the TM Masters will have any disadvantage when qualifying for the EMS! The dates for each Cup aren't fixed yet.

Single Player Cups with TMM Mappacks

But also in the upcoming weeks we will keep the activity in our section up. Along with the cooperation, we will also organise some smaller single player cups, always with the current Mappacks from the TM Masters. We are currently starting to plan everything, so you will always get all the information about each cup in a separate news post!

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   ESL TMNF Admin Team
joey, Sunday, 12/02/12 14:17
comments (10)
This is a really good idea!
this is really amazing. shared map-packs over tournaments has been something i've wanted to see for a long time. im looking forward to what could only be an amazing TMN-spring.
Really nice to see a collaboration:)

Such a good idea!

Great work guys. The community participation is finally paying off. Excellent decision!
So cooooooooool :)
Amazing idea!
Agree - This was a great way to solve the problem. GL in both cups! Btw, first TMM TC12 map pack out tomorrow :)
great idea :D
Wow, that was an amazing idea =)
Finally no more 3 mappacks at the same time and stuff...
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