Scrim series #1: Results *best players*
The first edition of the new Scrim Series is over. Lets see the results!

Scrim series #1: Speed Teams with homemaps

After two weeks of fight here is a list with the final results of the best records. Mattnacs team walloped Bullracing with almost 200 points! The last teams unfortunately could not gain any points this time. Check out this table for the final rankings.

# Team Points
1. eSports United.SPS VI 554
2. Bullracing 361
3. Funky Atzen 231
4. Easy.eSports 173
5. Team Blacktown 71
6. Imperial Residents speed.tmf 69
7. against physX 23
8. BOT.team 14
9. Black Label Racing 0
10. Bavarian Power Clan 0
11. Monarch 0

Congratulations to eSports United.SPS VI!

Top players

# Most active players Time
1. LX 65:37.56
2. satanas 48:02.28
3. Harry 35:57.21

# Top rank players Rank
1. Harry 2.5
2. LX 3.5
3. Smart 6.7

Scrim Series: next one?

What do you think this series can give you? Fighting on TMX Best Of The Week maps? 1on1, 2on2 or teams? Fighting on old ESL maps? Or apply this game structure to another styles, speedtechs, fun maps, even dirt? Lets hear your opinions! Take this opportunity to share your ideas here in the comments.

See you on the next Scrim Series event!

Admins wanted!

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Your Admin team
Rasque, Saturday, 14/01/12 01:56
comments (9)
Gg mates :)
hä was is das xD
nice esu....
good event...
maybe it could finish with a little round individual tournament the last sunday with 4 or 5 maps choose randomly by the admins.... just an idea...
gg esu <3
congrats esu ;)
quite happy with 3rd as well :D
gg and nice event!
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