See you in 2012!
Another year has passed in our scene. We had lots of events this year, there were new ideas, which may have the chance to have their continue. We would like to thank all of the Admins who made the world of TMNF here better. Especially Paddy and Chris92, who were the two Master League Admins in 2011. Since September, the new Admin Staff have been trying to catch up with the pace.
In the next days we will make a funny statistics about the year 2011. Also expect some great cups again in January. The announcements are coming soon!

Dear racers, dear community, thank you for the great time in 2011! We wish all of you the best for 2012.

Happy new year!

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   ESL TMNF Admin Team
Rasque, Saturday, 31/12/11 19:37
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thanks for mentioning :)
had a great time while being an ESL Admin :)
Happy new year to everyone...
Let's get wasted :D
happy new year!
happaaayyyy new year folks!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<3 R <3
let's go for a great 2012 xd
happy new year all ^_^
Happy new year guys!
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happy new year!
gg :D
happy new year guys!!
Happy New year! Thanks for the great time. Gl ESL
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