TMNF Winter League 2012
Are you tired of monotone, long, hard events? Then this is the news what you have been waiting for. Our Fun section is ready to captivate the bored players. For this winter, the staff would like to surprise you with a special event. We proudly present our 1 on 1 Winter League! Check out this news for more infos, sign up and win three months Premium with a special award!

Trackmania Nations Forever Winter League

Trackmania Nations Forever Winter League 2012

   Date: Starts on 29th January, 2 matches per week (thu and sun, 20:00 CET - movable)
   Mode: 32-64 players; Best of 3, Rounds, Double Elimination
   Links: Settings, Global Rules
   Support: Write a ticket
   Restrictions: valid TMNF login entered
   Signup: 06/01/12 - 29/01/12 18:00

Additional info: this Winter League can only start with minimum 32 players. We count on more participants, but the maximum is 64. The mappack will be mostly built up from classic maps of all time - and this will be the new mappack for the FUN Ladders.

If you have map suggestions, don't hesitate to write your ideas in the comments! Or, you can either write a support, or drop a mail to rasque@staff.esl.eu

Prizes (Restriction: 32 players participate)

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

The winner will receive this special gift:

As always: Admins wanted!

We are looking for Admins! Do you have nice ideas? Are you willing to spend time to make our community happy and satisfied? If you want to support the community as an Admin and you would like to help us in all fields of TMNF, then apply here! Write a detailed application!
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Stay informed!

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Your Admin team
Rasque, Friday, 06/01/12 12:21
Sign up for the 1on1 Winter League now!
TMNF Winter League 2012 Cup Page
comments (18)
nice :o

edit: oh is it tm2 :|

Would be nice to see this in tmnf too !!

edit 2: why does it say that we need tmnf login entered, and nothing about tm2 xD this news totally tricks us D:

edit 3(!): Ok, I found out its tmnf :) but admin you should fix on one "join league link", where it says tm2.

Again, nice tournament admins :)
3 edits
totally agree with you :D wrong join link or news section :D
Ouf, thx, fixed now.
Niiice :)
very nice!!
Nice news!! signed myself :D
Cant see your map suggestions ;)
There it is

ESL - Espirito Santo
ESL - Quite Move
ESL - CrossOver
2 edits
Zeca, it is fun cup, so maps have to to be speedtech/tech/funtech etc. not ESL :)
1 edits
Woo..ok :D


ok will give you more later...need to drive a few more to see if they´re any good!
great, thanks :*

but this map there, it also exists on tmnforever or only in nations ? :/
pls pls take the one Zeca posted, best map ever! :D
here are some tips:
Somewhere i belong
Iron Maiden
Leave it behind

great classics ;p

We can use this map.. I made it on TMN some long time agooo ^^
Joey i guess only in tmn...i dont think the author upload a new version to the forever. Isnt the same? thre is just a few contributions... nima set some more maps here :_D

map with great flow:
1 edits
Yo Admins,

I tried to send you a support ticket but I just get an Error. (Error: 0 n/a)
I want to know the exact server settings.
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