SCS #2: Approaching the end
Our Speed Championship is almost done. Only one playday left until the conclusion. Also the Playoffs has been already closed. Who is the winner? Read this news to find out.

2nd Division Playoffs: we have a winner!

Ultimately, the last match of the Playoffs was played. In this match, Imperial Residents speed.tmf faced against dac-SP. Unfortunately, there were heavy technical difficulties in the connections, but the match has been closed successfully, after an unlucky attempt of the second round. The fight for the third place is still running!

Sunday, 20/11/11 19:00
Status: closed

  Imperial Reside.. (#1) [14:2]  dac-SP (#2)

Congratulations to the winner: Imperial Residents!

1st Division: tight fights!

On the last playdays we have seen some interesting matches. Easy.eSports managed to win their map against Bullracing, while eSports United.SPS VI defeated Monarch on their homemap!
The rankings are almost clear now, but we have one more playday to change some positions on it! Lets see the matches of the last playday!

Last playday matches!

Sunday, 27/11/11 18:00
Status: closed

  Lethal Angelz.t.. (#20) [14:12]  BOT.team (#21)

Sunday, 27/11/11 18:00
Status: closed

  Bullracing (#1) [14:1]  sigN Speed Team (#19)

Sunday, 27/11/11 18:00
Status: closed

  eSports United... (#13) [14:8]  Team Blacktown (#16)

Sunday, 04/12/11 20:00
Status: closed

  Funky Atzen (#10) [5:14]  Easy.eSports (#7)


It was the first time in the European section to organise a Speed Championship with the system you lived with. What do you think about this event? Is there something to improve? Do you like the regular Premiership system more? What about the Rulebook and the work of your admins? What would you change?
Your opinion is important! If you don't want to write your feedback in the comments, just drop a mail with your feedback to this address:rasque@staff.esl.eu.

What's next?

Are you tired of serious events? You had better check our news in the next weeks. We would like to make your winter time!

As always: Admins wanted!

We are looking for Admins! Do you have nice ideas? Are you willing to spend time to make our community happy and satisfied? If you want to support the community as an Admin and you would like to help us in all fields of TMNF, then apply here! Write a detailed application!
Write it in English! Learn more

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   ESL TMNF Admin Team
Rasque, Thursday, 24/11/11 16:56
comments (4)
Gogo for a nice end of the season :)
Good game all of you. News is coming out after the last match: in 2 weeks. Have a nice rest!

And expect some announcements too :P
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Hopefully there will be some new speed events like SCS. It was a great fun, with very good Admin support/work :)
yep it made a lot of fun :) and you did a very good job rasque! n1ce =)
i hope there will be more speed events!
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