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infinity Formula Team presents to you a new service - infinity Server - here you can order a 24/7 TMNF or TMUF server.
We present you our price list:
1. If you want to buy a server for the virtual money in track mania- Coppers , the server will be a capacity of 16 people and prices are:
a) fast + dedimania - 1 month - 20 000 coppers
b) Xaseco + dedimania - 1 month - 25 000 coppers in a gift Webstas

You can order a server for half a year, then you will be given a discount - 100 000 koppersov for 6 months with Xaseco or fast + dedimania

2. If you decide to buy a server for real money it will be for 20 slots, the cost of the server with fast, dedi, Xaseco, webstats, just $ 4 per month,
You can order a server and learn more about our services at our website www.infnity-formula.com

-Processor: Intel Q6600
-RAM: 8 GB
-OS: Windows Server 2003 64-bit
-Internet connection: 32 Mbps

For each server Create its own database of 2 GB. The server provides a preconfigured, further monitoring is done through RemoteCP, which is hosting the team infinity Formula. Also available offline statistics for each server on the hosting team infinity Formula (link will look www.infinty-formula.com/xxxxx/), or on your hosting - as agreed upon.

All issues can be discussed with me personally on ICQ 499-908-324 or e-mail hamko@ava.net.ua, or ask at the forum

Now the server is provided for the shares - 4 USD per month. Will also be discounts for regular customers.

The software used to run, configure and adjust the server:

Dedicated Server: Dedicated server

XAseco: Online Statistics
Fast: Online Statistics
Dedimania: the program of world records on roads
RemoteCP: Remote Control Server program
OfflineStats: offline server statistics available on the web page on the Internet

More detail here http://infnity-formula.com/ind...amp;action=faq&faqID=4
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You better can use

And tmn dedicated server

Rest is not needed when you have these emoticon-grin

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