Name ESL SpeedMappack II09 Date 03/06/09
File size 0 kB Category map
File name  ESL-Maps_Speed_II09.zip
Section  TrackMania Nations Forever Speed
Description The new ESL Speed Mappack from June 2009 for Trackmania Nations Forever.
7 maps inside
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comments ( 2 )  
11/06/09 12:37  #1
Hey guys,

These maps are not good in my opinion..
I loved the old maps,but these new maps are as bad as possible.

Sry but this is the truth!
27/06/09 14:46  #2
gotta agree with Phenom

some maps need hundreds of tries to even be able to finish, also they are quite confusing (some of them)

IMO Midnight Skillz is the most horrible map ever, there is another that took me approximately 300 tries to finally get to the finish

I find better speed maps on pubs than these, and I am having struggle even finishing any of these maps even though I have managed to complete all nadeo maps and have 80% of wins on speed pubs with 20+ players

Disstresing and panic are the only good maps here, and losing grip is quite decent
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