EMS IX TMNF & CAP 8: Decider Maps & Tennis Mode
Soon the Trackmania action arrives in the new year: this weekend the Playoffs and Relegations will start. Today we want to announce some further information that we forgot to publish in the earlier news.

Decider Maps

For all Playoff & Relegation matches a clear winner is needed. But incase a match is ending 3:3, then a decider map will determine the winner! The decider map is always the 1on1/2on2 map! The decier map is played in the normal 5on5 mode until 7 points (exception is tennis mode - see below).

Therefore the decider maps are:

EMS Playoffs:
Quarterfinals: FastLane
Semifinals: Infinite
Finals: St. Tropez

CAP Playoffs:
Semifinals: Infinite
Finals: St. Tropez

CAP Relegations:
Winner Bracket Round 1: Infinite
Winner Bracket Final: St. Tropez
Loser Bracket Round 1: St. Tropez
Loser Bracket Final: FastLane

You can also see them in the Playoffs & Relegations News now.

Tennis mode for EMS & CAP Playoffs

Both EMS and CAP Playoffs will be played in Tennis mode. For a short explanation: the 1on1 is for example played until one player reaches 7 points. But now in the special case that it's a 6:6, the next run won't be the last one. Instead, a player now has to reach 8 points to win. But incase it will be 7:7, they have to play until one player reaches 9. In other words: a gap of 2 points is needed to win a submatch!

Playoff Tree

Also the Playoff Tree for the EMS exists now. We are sorry that it took quite long but here it is now!


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    joey, Tuesday, 03/01/12 00:51
    comments (9)
    GO playoffs! GLHF everyone!
    GoGo Infused!
    hf guys!!
    gl hf
    Let's go guys!
    oh nice semifinal between acer and dignitas :D
    *between infused and acer :D
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