EMS IX TMNF & CAP 8: The Results!
After more than 3 months of racing both EMS IX TMNF and CAP 8 are over now. We've seen lots of great matches and intense fights, and now it's time to praise the winners! Both tournaments found their Champions, but in the end it's all teams being winners that participated this season, wherefore we want to thank all you guys for taking part at the competitions.

EMS IX TMNF - the winners

After a tough fight the Big and Small final are finished and the winner of this season, the new EMS Champion, is mythiX eSport, after their 4:2 victory over Team Dignitas.TM2S, while last season's champion, waterBottle TM2S, defeated Team GAMED.DE 4:0 in the Small Final! GG guys and congratulations for your achievements!

Team Dignitas.TM2S

mythiX eSport

waterBottle TM2S

Incase you missed the Grand Final, you can check the VODs, that are available in 3 languagues:


The Small Final was casted aswell:


EMS IX Homepage

EMS IX Trackmania Homepage

EMS IX Trackmania Playoff Tree

CAP 8 - the winners

With the Finals the CAP season ended aswell. Eventually it was Rule them All succeeding after a 5:1 victory against wX.Group by Crew.sk. Unfortunately Bullracing had to give a defwin in the Small Final, wherefore Against All Authority reached the 3rd place. GG guys and congratulations for your achievements!

wX.Group by Crew.sk

Rule them All

Against All Authority

But it's not only those teams that must be mentioned here. Also the Relegations ended this season and several teams did a good job there by saving a spot for the higher division. Therefore we want to congratulate...

  • Seven Eleven and Druidz.TM to win the Relegations between divisions 2 and 3

  • Miracle Group and Wings of Speed to win the Relegations between divisions 3 and 4

  • Green Blaze Clan and Mouse Control TMNF 2 to win the Relegations between divisions 4 and 5 - A

  • TEAM 4O2 and E.E.cps to win the Relegations between divisions 4 and 5 - B

  • Feedback wanted

    We again want to ask for feedback. So feel free to share your opinions about things dealing with our work, if you like it/don't like it, what you liked about the current EMS/CAP season and what you didn't like and so on. We would be happy about constructive criticism and new ideas to improve the tournaments and the whole section! Thank you =)


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       ESL TMNF Admin Team
    joey, Wednesday, 25/01/12 19:02
    comments (7)
    A nice season again !
    The only negative point i found is the EMS group phase,with group of 3 or 2 teams per group... :s
    Maybe a single group with top4 for Play-Offs or something like that :)
    GG all !
    Idd something has to be done about system of groups in EMS. Best imo is still one competition with all the teams in divisions like in the old CPS, because now there are some teams in CAP who are better than teams in EMS..
    #1 and #4

    ye, you are right ofc. and most of all.. there will be a news soon which is gonna satisfie you <3
    The all season went good. every match was played or defwin for those that didnt showup... i saw that with a good eyes, default wins was a nice input size we stop having 1 month pending matches. So a good thing for the flow of the competition.

    Another good thing is about every player alowed to play all submatches. Less 1on1 that couldnt play the 2on2 ofc. That way less players needed to do the match and that way every team should have enough players for the matches every sunday. Ofc i would like one rule that alowed at least 8 different players to play every match and not just 5. But the reality is that not every team can effort that number of players... although i would like that happening (i like to see everyone involved and not the usual suspects :D).

    nothing more for now. Congratz all the team. let the next season come in a hurry :D
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