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be Hey trackmaniacks!Instead of long and boring sentences, there goes the HRC in summary :- Endurance-relay competition, stadium road, international
- Maps between 1min and 1min30, mainly speed-tech, kept undisclosed until the beggining of each round
- Teams of 3 drivers per round, 4 to 6 players at registration
- Start on Friday 27th April at 9PM (Paris Time), then 2 rounds are separated by 2 weeks, for 6 rounds in total : 5 rounds of rising/going down betweeen servers, 1 Final round
- The progress of a Friday event : At 9PM, warm-up of 15 minutes to discover the map. Then starts the 1st relay of 30 minutes, general kick, break/WU of 5min, 2nd relay of 30 min, kick, break/WU, and finally last relay of 30 min
- Building of rankings : on the total of covered CPs. A live ranking plugin has been specially created (solo ranking + team ranking live on the servers), and also available on the website (refreshed all 6-7 seconds).
- 3 servers : at the end of each evening round, on each server, the 1st 1/3 of teams reaches the higher server, the 2nd 1/3 keeps its position, the last 1/3 goes down to the lower server. The composition of servers for the 1st round is builded randomnly.
- Goal : over the 5 rounds, reach the 1st server (the best) and try to keep its position to win a ticket for the Final.
- Final : crush your opponents to bring back the trophy ^^
- Awards : Car skin + 50.000 Coppers to the 1st, 30.000 Coppers to the 2nd, 20.000 Coppers to the 3rd. A tag will also be offered to all the players on the podium.
- Broadcasted on TmLive
Before signing the contract, don't forget to read the rules in their entirety.

Website: http://halfrelaycup.com]halfrelaycup.com
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