EMS IX TMNF Quarterfinals & CAP 8 Relegation
This Sunday the first EMS Playoff matches will take place. Now a loss means being eliminated from the competition, therefore the hot phase is finally there. In the CAP Relegations every team can get a second chance due to the Loser Bracket, but all teams will still try their best to win the first Relegation match! Also we will try to make a collection of all Relay servers in here.

Relay Servers

We will try to collect all the Relay servers from all matches in here. Therefore we please all of you to post the Relay details as soon as you know them, if possible as a comment under this news, so we can add them in time. Thanks!

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EMS Quarterfinals:

Acer vs National Racing Club:

Dignitas vs Infused:
Stream by Russki

mythiX vs eNigma:
mythiX Web TV

GAMED.DE vs Mouse Control:
they changed the server. New Relay in Netherlands > Limburg
Server name: mCon Relay 2

Relegation between divisions 2 and 3:
Druidz vs Drivers From Finland:

Relegation between divisions 3 and 4:
MaDrviers vs Wings of Speed:

Relegation between divisions 4 and 5 A:
Mouse Control 2 vs eXception:

Relegation between divisions 4 and 5 B:
Sex Alcohol Weed vs A New Era of Xtremeness:

nations Xtreme team vs E.E.cps:

EMS Quarterfinals

The Russian team National Racing Club is the clear underdog against the most successful Trackmania team in 2011: waterBottle TM2S. Therefore most people are excepting a win by the Germans; maybe the chance of the Russians' is that their opponents underestimate them, but is that likely to happen?

Sunday, 08/01/12 20:00
Status: closed

 waterBottle TM2.. (#1)[6:0] National Racing.. (#8)

A great fight coming up here. One of the big favourites for the title, Team Dignitas.TM2S will have to proof themselves against another British top team: Team Infused.Tt eSPORTS! The last named team got lots of motivated talents in their lineup, but will that be enough to defeat their opponents, a team with some of the best players in the world?

Sunday, 08/01/12 21:00
Status: closed

 Team Dignitas.T.. (#4)[6:0] Team Infused.Tt.. (#5)

Another top match! Last season's second placed team, mythiX eSport will try to reach this season's final again. But therefore they first of all have to pass a huge obstacle: BX3.TP-Link. The British team surely has the skill to win this match, and it should be their target to do so. Something big coming up!

Sunday, 08/01/12 20:00
Status: closed

 mythiX eSport (#3)[4:0] BX3.TP-Link (#6)

Mouse Control didn't have bigger trouble to reach the Playoffs due to a second place in group A. Their opponents are coming from group D, and it might be the first time this season where they will show their full potential: Team GAMED.DE. One thing is clear: both teams want to reach the Semifinals, but only one will do so..

Sunday, 08/01/12 21:00
Status: closed

 Team GAMED.DE (#2)[5:1] Mouse Control (#7)

EMS IX Homepage

EMS IX Trackmania Homepage

EMS IX Trackmania Playoff Tree

CAP Relegations - Round 1

Relegations between division 2 and 3

Even if they played a good season in the second divison, Druidz.TM only landed on the 6th place, because the league was close together. Now they have to fight to stay in their league against Drivers From Finland. The Finish team did a good job in their division and now can show their skills against a very strong opponent!

Sunday, 08/01/12 19:30
Status: closed

 Druidz.TM (#4)[3:5] Drivers From Fi.. (#1)

An interesting match coming up here aswell. The Brazilian team Seven Eleven ended up 2nd in the third division, now they want to go into the next higher league. Therefore a first challenge is to show a good performance against SL-Communis. The German team will have to find their motivation again to keep up with the Brazilians!

Sunday, 08/01/12 19:30
Status: closed

 SL-Communis (#3)[0:6] Seven Eleven (#2)

Relegations between division 3 and 4

Miracle Group finished on the 5th place this season, and will now have to defend their place against Virtual Xtreme Artillery.TMNF. It's hard to predict who will be stronger here, though the Czech team should be the more experienced one. Maybe that's the small factor what will make it in the end?

Sunday, 08/01/12 19:30
Status: closed

 Miracle Group (#1)[4:2] Virtual Xtreme .. (#4)

The Russian team Wings of Speed needs to fight for their spot aswell. Their opponents are coming from Poland, MaDrivers Team, and clearly got one target: reaching the higher league. Both teams are active in this league for a long time now, and maybe they will exchance the leagues for next season.

Monday, 09/01/12 19:00
Status: closed

 MaDrivers Team (#3)[2:4] Wings of Speed (#2)

Relegations between division 4 and 5 - A

A match of two teams that aren't that known in the scene yet: f1nerds.cap and Green Blaze Clan. The Russian team started in the lowest division this season, did a good job there and now got the chance to step up. It's hard to predict anything here, so let's see who will do a good job here!

Sunday, 08/01/12 19:30
Status: closed

 f1nerds.cap (#3)[0:6] Green Blaze Cla.. (#2)

Their first team is fighting in the EMS Quarterfinals, while they have to struggle in the CAP Relegations: Mouse Control TMNF 2. Their opponents are coming from France, orKs.TM2, and want to steal their place in division 4. Most probably the more motivated team will win this match, but which team will be the one..?

Sunday, 08/01/12 19:30
Status: closed

 Mouse Control T.. (#4)[0:6] orKs.TM2 (#1)

Relegations between division 4 and 5 - B

TEAM 4O2 is known in the scene for a long time now. So do their opponents, A New Era of Xtremeness, though this is their second team. Still they got some potential in the lineup, coming from the lowest division where they've reached the Relegations. Now they can go one league higher, but will the French team agree that easily on that? Of course they won't! So we can hope for a good fight here.

Sunday, 08/01/12 19:30
Status: closed

 TEAM 4O2 (#1)[4:2] A New Era of Xt.. (#4)

In the other match the Spanish team E.E.cps will have to struggle with nations Xtreme team. After a good season the Spains would like to get a spot in the fourth division for sure, but therefore they have to master this Americans first! Who will be able to leave the server as the winner?

Sunday, 08/01/12 19:30
Status: closed

 nations Xtreme .. (#3)[0:6] E.E.cps (#2)

We want to wish all teams best luck and lots of fun!!


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       ESL TMNF Admin Team
    joey, Saturday, 07/01/12 00:17
    comments (7)
    Nice news!
    Good luck all!
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    gl all
    GL guys!
    Great news and good luck to everybody!
    Don't forget to tune into 2 of the Quarter final matches of EMS !
    www.twitch.tv/dignitasRusski :)

    Mythix eSports Vs Team Enigma
    Team Dignitas vs Infused
    nice russki
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