Speedtech Cup #1 - The winners!
On sunday the first Speedtech Cup took place. In this news we will present you the winners. Besides this was the first cup with a 1on1on1on1 final!

Trackmania² Canyon Speedtech Cup #1- The results

This time we have played in a 1on1on1on1 mode, so each participant of the half-final has played versus each other. m4ckiee had no problems to beat the others, because he has simply won all five rounds. Kryw secured the second place, with five points in front of the third place wells.

The top three players have been added to our Hall of Fame!

What's next?

You are searching for opportunities to show your skills? Then your right here! We will announce several cups within the next weeks!

Admins searched!

You want to support the community as an Admin? You know the game Trackmania² Canyon and would like to help us as being an Admin? Then apply here!

Stay informed!

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Paddy, Monday, 03/10/11 19:48
Speedtech #1 Rankings
comments (7)
gg m4ckiee,
never thought you-d be THAT fast :P that`s what i call bad luck, 1st round vs you, 1st loss, 1st "going home". i-ll train better next time :P too bad about few participants...
gg to others as well.
yeah pretty good races m4ckiee well deserved ;)
I really liked the mapchoice in this cup and thx alot to Kryw for a very nice map (except the right narrow turn ^^)
i hope we´ll have some more participants in the next cups.
gg mackiee. Tbh it sucks that admins decided to change the game mode in the final without even informing the players. retarded decision
you queraque so hard wells :D
GG guys, was good for me to get some experience but you realize that Im Danish and not Norwegian, right? :D (I see a norwegian flag)
2 edits
god damnit! we're so few danes around, and now people think denmark is a city in norway ? :O
:D fixed^^
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