Let's go ! - 1on1 Speedtech Cup #1
After the official opening of our section, it's time for our first 1on1 Speedtech Cup!
This cup will take place on Sunday and the maximum amount of participants is 64. The checkin-system will be activated in this cup, more information in this news.

The Opening Cup ended in a very amazing final and we hope to get one again!
Because of that we've decided that the final of this cup will be a 1v1v1v1 cup match with finalist mode.

This time we'll use custom maps, made for and by the community.
The tracks that we'll use:
  • ESL - Zehive
  • ESL - Strange Way
  • ESL - Promethee
  • ESL - Comiques
  • ESL - Gauss

Trackmania² Canyon - 1on1 Speedtech Cup #1

  • Participants: 64
  • Mode: Roundmode until 7
  • Final mode: 1v1v1v1 Cup mode with finalist mode
  • Mappack: see above, download here
  • Server: See Server FAQ
  • Final server: will be hosted by ESL
  • Cupstart: Sunday, 2nd of October - 19.00 CET
  • Any questions?: Join our Webchat

  • You will find more information at our Cup-Page

    Signup nowBeginner FAQ


    In this Cup we use the Check-In system to prove that players who join also participate in the cup. And we can allow people in the last minute to join, if not enough players confirm their registration!

    Phase 1 - Reservation (Green)
    Just like you're used to. Sign up if you're interested in playing.

    Phase 2 - Confirmation (Yellow)
    This takes place 30 minutes before the cup starts. Everybody with a reserved slot from Phase 1 is now able to confirm his/her participation in the cup. Beware: you only have 10 minutes for this!

    Phase 3 - Signup (Red)
    Didn't get a slot in Phase 1? Now all the non-confirmed slots from Phase 2 are ready to be taken by the first ones who sign up.

    Joining #esl.tm on IRC will make it easier to find your opponents.


    Click ingame on "Profile", then you will find your user identification below "Account", this one has to be added at the ESL-Page as gameaccount.

    Click here to add your Gameaccount.

    What's next?

    You are searching for opportunities to show your skills? Then your right here! We will announce several cups within the next weeks!

    Players council

    We're currently looking for people who want to join the EU TrackMania² Players council. The Players council will give you the possibility to present us your ideas for cups/ladders and help us testing maps. For more information, please read this news.

    Admins wanted!

    You want to support the community as an Admin? You know the game Trackmania and would like to help us in beeing an Admin? Then apply here!

    Stay informed!

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    Your Admin team
    TheM, Sunday, 02/10/11 10:33
    comments (9)
    Sounds great, gogo. ;D
    I am very excited about the maps ;)
    but anyway i cant play, not available this we :(
    sounds cool ;)
    Would have been good to have the maps more than 1 day before the cup starts ;p
    TheM wrote:
    Because we still need to test some of them, we will release the maps this Wednesday.
    1 edits
    come on, give us the maps :)
    just a tip/pointer.

    I'm slow at learning tracks, and so far i got 3 days (IF they get released tomorrow), and that include my hole weekend where i need to practice the tracks (5 maybe?) if i want to have a slight chance to compete in this cup.

    in case i made plans for weekend then that gives me like 1½ day to practice?

    ........... might be a good idea to find the tracks before the announcement?
    1 edits
    yea, it`s called nolife for those which have too much time :P although you already knew it.
    fortunately sometimes talent, skill, are the ones which make a difference in learning fast the tracks. thing which i also kinda lack. i want to be good too in this game, but time is a problem.

    i noticed that if you played other trackmania games, well enough, for some time, you get used to tm2 as well :P gl ^^
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