Rules for No Show ?
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What are the rules for if a team does not show up for a match ?

Do we get the win ?
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In ladders, there are no defwins. Open a protest ticket to discuss about the future of your match ;)
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really, dont give any word in admins of esl...

First you have to wait 20 minutes, if he isnt there you fill in no show...now YOUR ENEMY has 24 hours to answer...If he dont answer match will be autoclosed and he will get pps. If he react HE has to  make a Protest not you and then you can decide if you want play the match on another date...

mSmworld e.V. <3
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Its not the same as defwin. Its noshow (no result, no XP)
And enemy? Maybe for you...but I call him/her 'opponent'.
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playing bf2 for years ;)

but noshow: fill in noshow, 24 hours too react, no answer pps for no show...

no defwins in all ladders, if i am right emoticon-grin

mSmworld e.V. <3
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