I have no access to my account

First try to recover your password by entering your e-mail address to 'i forgot my password'! If you don't have access to your e-mail or you don't know which e-mail you used, follow the instructions.

If you don't have access to your account, create a support ticket to get help. To get the best service add the information which fits your situation:

I am trusted / I have a playercardI am/was trusted, but don't have the playercard / verification keyI don't have a playercard

After the ticket is done, an admin will let you know, how to continue. Please be patient. Please only create one ticket at a time, the ticket's don't get lost. It will take some time, because only special admins and Turtle Entertainment employees are handling those tickets.

Note: we never ask for private data or your passwords. If needed, we will ask for a copy of your ID card. This data is kept in confidence and will only be looked at by Turtle Entertainment employees. Besides no data is made accessible to third parties. After processing your copy will be destroyed immediately. Because only member of Turtle Entertainment can handle such tickets, the handling time is up to 7 days.

IMPORTANT: If there are any signs that a third person used your account partly, you should change all your login details. This is the password (and the security question of your free email) of your email address and of course all passwords which can be combined with games or other websites. To scan your computer for a virus or spyware would not be amiss. But very important is, don't use the same login details as before.

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