VERSUS. : How to use VETO
A few days ago Tetris has been launched in Versus! This is great news of course, but unfortunately this system is attractive for some unfair actions as well. Here we will write how you should handle when your opponent is not treating you well or is not finishing the match.

What is a Veto?

While playing VS. , you may have encountered some unfair situations already, e.g. a match which wasn't rated while you played it. Things like this can happen when one of the two players put's a no result, so that he doesn't get minus points. To make results valid while one of the two players faked, there is a Veto function in Versus. Veto literally means: Exercise of right. This is what we try to do with these veto's. We want matches that are played to be rated!

When to put a Veto?

Principally a veto is possible if the matchstatus shows 'no result/no rating' and the match has been played less than 12 hours ago. If the match already has been rated through the system, at the moment there is nothing we can do about it.

How does my Veto get accepted?

If a veto in TetrisFriends is accepted depends on different facts which of course we explain gladly.

Principally matchmedia aren't compulsory. It's in your own interest to take a screen in matches of each round which shows the result. These screens are a great proof though to show that a match has taken place.

An example for a correct screen is shown below.

Pack your screens as a .zip file and add them as proof if you put a veto. When you have additional text to add, please also add a .txt in the file so that we know what was going on and why this veto has been opened. Please also ensure your opponent is logged on at tetrisfriends before you start a match. If a screen in a veto shows a guest playing these vetos get rejected at once. It doesn't matter whether the guest won or lost.

A decision in a veto also depends on the chat between the players, english is mandatory. It will be checked as well!

Further information

  • Matchmode that has to be played is always BO5, someone who drops out early has to expect a marking as 'leaver' and also a default loss even if he has won the played round!
  • Insults in a matchchat or in the TetrisFriends chat during a match will result in punishment and can lead to a longer Ban in VERSUS so hold your temper.

Walker, Monday, 05/03/12 20:00
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