Tetris Friends : 2on2 FunCup #2
Let's play on Tetris Friends! The second cup in team mode will take place this sunday 29th April at 21:00 CEST, 8 teams will compete in Double Eliminiation.


Start: Sunday 29.04.2012 21:00 CEST

  • 8 slots in Double Elimination
  • No Items and Team mode must be selected. (The "Extra Option" item is needed for one player, then he can send an invitation for his mate and opponents)
  • Format: Standard BO5.
    The team from the Loser Bracket must win 2 games in BO5, only one game for the team from the Winner Bracket.
Questions ? IRC #esl.tetris or Support ticket
  • Entered TetrisFriends Nickname
Sign-Up: NOW to 29.04.2012 20:30 CEST


Check-In System


   Take part in 5, 50 or 250 cups to earn this award. It doesn't matter if you won the whole cup or are knocked out in the first round !

   Win 25, 100 or 250 cup matches, to earn this award.

   You have to reach the final win the 3rd place match to make progress towards this award. This one is not automatic yet, you need to request it.

ESL Tetris Friends Facebook Group!

Why you ask? We have decided to make an Official ESL Tetris Friends Facebook because the majority of all active Tetris Friends players use Facebook, and this is the easiest way to contact and challenge other players.

Support & Help

For any question, doubt, perplexity, feedback and advice, please contact the Admin Team. You can do it with a Support Ticket!

// Your Admin Team

KaiN, Saturday, 28/04/12 12:03
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accept us! we want paly!
I cant even sign-up...
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