Tetris Friends: VERSUS. goes crazy this weekend!
Nice events and activities are planned and you can also look forward to win awesome prizes, when "VERSUS goes crazy" hits the ESL once again. Check out our pretty cool events for Sunday! Waiting for you is in addition to 200% XP and many opportunities to get some prices like Premium keys!

VERSUS. goes crazy

For March 4th we have some pretty cool events for our new matchmaking system VERSUS. More games, more modes, more rankings and a premium raffle, cool prizes, XP boost, a special award and much more are waiting for you. Together with you we will get the system to go crazy, a real stress test for the whole system. Here are our events:

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XP Boost

Every match you play contributes to your ESL level, including our newest matchmaking system VERSUS. Every single VERSUS you play gives you 100 XP whether you won, lost or draw. This Sunday you will get double, so you earn 200 XP per match you play. Take this chance to boost your ESL Level!


Prize raffles this Sunday

All players with less than 10 played matches will still be eligible for some other prizes. Depending on the number of matches and your ESL Premium status, you could win a keyboard, ESL TV Premium and ESL Premium. Take a look:

1+ Match: One of 50 Premium Keys for 1 month
5+ Matches: One of 5 ESL Sports T-Shirts
5+ Matches with Premium: One of 5 ESL TV Premium Keys for 1 year
10+ Matches with Premium: one of three Roccat ISKU Keyboards worth 75€

Additionally, we will give away ESL and ESL TV Premium Keys and a special prize in the upcoming "ticker" news on Sunday, telling you the action going on as it happens.

Admin VS. User

You always wanted the chance to take on the admins in-game? This is your opportunity! Here is an overview of all admins will be there for this crazy day:

Take the chance to get some Premium keys

You will have also the opportunity to win some Premiums for this crazy day:

  • Contest of the most lines sent: You think that you hold a great score of lines sent ? Take a screenshot and send us a supportticket with the screen. (example)

  • Beat a pro player!: During the day, you're able to play against Johnny147 who has recently won the Opening Cup. If you beat him, you will win some Premium keys ! Good luck at all :)

  • Why Premium ?

  • No advertisement
  • Active support of league
  • No waiting time at Gather
  • Awards
  • Start Gather with ESL Wire Anti-Cheat
  • Access to special leagues (f.e. Amateur Series)

  • How to play VS.?

    Just click on the "PLAY VS." on the top of the page and pick Tetris Friends from the list of games. Read the short ruleset by clicking on the button. Last step is clicking on "Search for match" and here you go!

    *Note: You should keep in mind that in the beginning of VS. in Tetris Friends it will be difficult to find a match without promoting VERSUS, so it would be nice if you can write your friends "GO VS." everywhere!

    You will find further instructions in our VERSUS Portal.

    How2VERSUS Reporting players: How to get rid of troublemakers
    How2VERSUS Veto: How to get your result corrected the quickest
    How2VERSUS Leavers: Your marking to rule them all

    Streaming by Harddrop

    Of course, we're waiting the Tetris community from Harddrop! There should be some players who will stream their match, stay tuned via Harddrop TV.

    ESL Tetris Friends Facebook Group!

    Why you ask? We have decided to make an Official ESL Tetris Friends Facebook because the majority of all active Tetris Friends players use Facebook, and this is the easiest way to contact and challenge other players.

    Support & Help

    For any question, doubt, perplexity, feedback and advice, please contact the Admin Team. You can do it with a Support Ticket!

    // Your Admin Team
    KaiN, Sunday, 04/03/12 01:15
    Play VERSUS. !
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