1on1 Wednesday Cup-Series announced!
With this news we announce the Deathmatch 1on1 Wednesday Cup-Series for you. Every Wednesday you have the chance to win 1 month Premium. The Cups will be played with the normal 1on1 Deathmatch Ladder rules but with the exception sv_timelimit 5, to be sure that every round don´t take too long. Read More for all informations about the Deathmatch 1on1 Wednesday Cup-Series!


Max players: 32
Mode: single elimination
Match type: BO3 (Best of three)

Match mode: TDM
Type: 1on1
Map: dm1
Score limit: 10
Time limit: 5

The Sign-Ups will open at Wednesday, 22 September - 18.00 cet. You can Sign-Up here. The Sign-Ups will be open until Wednesday, 29 September - 18:30 cet.


Round 1: Wednesday, 29 September - 19:00 cet

Round 2: Wednesday, 29 September - 19:30 cet

Quarterfinals: Wednesday, 29 September - 20:00 cet

Semifinals: Wednesday, 29 September - 20:30 cet

Finals / Game for place 3: Wednesday, 29 September- 21:00 cet

You have to be at 19:00 cet in our irc channel "#esl.teeworlds @ Quakenet" to contact your enemy quickly!


Please write the following commands in your Server Config and use it for every Match in our Deathmatch 1on1 Wednesday Cup-Series Cups.

sv_scorelimit 10
sv_timelimit 5
sv_map dm1
sv_gametype tdm
sv_powerups 0

Check In

Before you can play the Cup you have to Check In from Wednesday, 29 September - 18:30 cet until Wednesday, 29 September 19:00! If you dont Check In in this time period you aren´t allowed to play this cup!


Rank 1

1 Month Premium Account


In this next steps we will explain you: "How i can do screenshots and upload them?".

Taking screenshots

To take a screenshot all you need to do is press the screenshot key when the final scoreboard is shown. The default key is F10. You can change the key in your Settings under "Controls".

Finding your screenshots

Normally your Screenshots are in the config_directory of your teeworlds folder. Just go to your teeworlds folder and click on "config_directory" and then go into the folder "screenshots".

Converting your screenshots

Teeworlds saves screnshots as PNG, we need them to be uploaded as JPG. The easiest way to convert your screenshots is to open them in MS Paint and save as JPG.

Uploading your screenshots

To upload your screenshots simply follow the 'Upload match media' link on the match page or when entering results!


If you need help with something or just have questions about anything else, contact us in the irc channel #esl.teeworlds @ Quakenet!

Your Admin Team
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Hello I want to ask which Admin is responsible for Teeworlds in the ESL.
I have some Questions for him.
It would be easier for me then he is an german guy, but i can still speak english.

More Cups plz
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