Thursday, 24/05

Teeworlds | 19:48
Teeworld section closedWe want to say thanks for all players and supporters of Teeworld section, but the section will be closed for lack of activity.

Tuesday, 15/05

Teeworlds | 13:27
Teeworlds Cup SeriesWe have the pleasure to present you the new Cup Series of Teeworlds. The Cup Series will be 5 cups, fight your way to win points, the players with the most points earned from the cups, will win a cool prizes.

Tuesday, 08/05

Teeworlds | 18:21
Teeworlds: Admins wanted!We are still looking for admins to help grow the Teeworlds section. Read on to find out all information about admin tasks and some other important things!
Teeworlds | 17:51
Weekly #3 1v1 DM **CANCELED**Teeworlds is back with more one weekly cup. In the last cup, Teeworld staff didn't get the minimum number of players to run the cup, we hope in this cup to have the minimum players, to achieve this we need you, sign-up now! UPDATE: Cup canceled for the lack of players.

Monday, 30/04

Teeworlds | 15:38
Weekly #2 DM 1v1 *CANCELED*UPDATE: Cup canceled for the lack of players. New week, new cup. In the last sunday, we didn't get the magic number of 16 players, we are here to present you a new cup, we will not give up from teeworlds yet. Feel free to write us your ideas to the teeworlds section, just send a <a href="/eu/teeworlds/support/">support</a>

Sunday, 29/04

Teeworlds | 19:20
Most Matches Competition MayAre you an active player here in the Teeworlds section? Every month we reward the most active player through the Most Matches Competition. Find out which ladder will be used this month! All you need to do is play matches in the selected ladder, if you are the most active player, you win!

Monday, 23/04

Teeworlds | 19:18
Weekly #1 Deathmatch 1v1  Part - 2In this Sunday we will have another cup for you. Our community requested a cup in the weekends, your request is an order for us.

Friday, 20/04

Teeworlds | 12:26
Weekly #1 Deathmatch 1v1We have the pleasure to present you the new weekly cup series. Every week we will bring you one or two cups, Teeworlds is back, don't forget to do your sign-up.

Monday, 16/04

Teeworlds | 15:44
Teeworlds Revival Cup # 3Here is your chance to play Teeworlds in a new cup, our staff apologizes for last cup, many players didn't had the possibility to play, to compensate you, here is a new cup.

Sunday, 15/04

Teeworlds | 20:21
New Teeworlds CupESL Teeworlds staff have to apologize for last revival Cup. There was some problems with the organizations.

Wednesday, 11/04

Teeworlds | 19:47
Admins wanted!We are still looking for admins to help reactivate the Teeworlds section. Read on to find out all information about admin tasks and some other important things!

Sunday, 08/04

Teeworlds | 15:25
Teeworlds Revival Cup # 2After a long period of inactivity, here is a new cup to bring your old memories of this game. Why not to give a chance to this game and return as a new hero.

Friday, 06/05

Teeworlds | 19:12
Cup Time UPDATE#1After reorganising the Admin-Staff we will present you our work.

Wednesday, 22/09

Teeworlds | 15:05
1on1 Wednesday Cup-Series announced!With this news we announce the Deathmatch 1on1 Wednesday Cup-Series for you. Every Wednesday you have the chance to win 1 month Premium. The Cups will be played with the normal 1on1 Deathmatch Ladder rules but with the exception sv_timelimit 5, to be sure that every round don´t take too long. Read More for all informations about the Deathmatch 1on1 Wednesday Cup-Series!

Tuesday, 14/09

Teeworlds | 23:52
Admins wanted!We are back and we want to give the Teeworlds Community a new chance to reactivate Teeworlds in the Electronic Sports League. For this step we need some more Admins for our team to guarantee you a stable and active section where you can have fun in playing teeworlds. Read More for the informations what you have to do as Admin and some other important things!

Friday, 26/02

Teeworlds | 12:41
Winners of the Revival CupLast friday we performed the 1on1 Deathmatch Revivial Cup.

Tuesday, 16/02

Teeworlds | 15:06
Teeworlds Revival CupAfter a very long break we are back! Yes, you heard right, we are performing a Cup for you! As usual the rules will be kept short and simple.

Wednesday, 06/01

Teeworlds | 15:27
Deatmatch 1on1 Wednesday Cup 1After a long break for the teeworlds section we are back! With some nice ideas to improve the section and we hope we can get our section more attractive and active as it was! Also we hope we can find more admins for our team! Maybe are you interested? Write an application on english here: <a href="/eu/admin_application/">click here!</a>

Saturday, 19/12

Teeworlds | 22:39
Fall League  EndsLadies and Gentlemen! It is done! The Teeworlds Fall League 2009 just finished. After several weeks of group stage and play offs the winner and his followers are know. Check out the news for the details.

Thursday, 19/11

Teeworlds | 20:43
Autumn Leagues Play OffsThe group stages are over and the next part of this season's Autumn League is about to come up: The Play Off Stage. Due to several drop outs and losing activity, all players that have at least a regular win gained into the play offs while players with 3 default draws have been removed.

Wednesday, 04/11

Teeworlds | 11:58
Summer Leagues FinishedFinally the Summer Leagues came to its end. During the Summer the ESL Teeworlds section hosted two Summer Cups featuring the 1on1 Deathmatch mode and the 2on2 Capture The Flag mode. These leagues are finished now and it is time to announce the winners.

Saturday, 10/10

Teeworlds | 14:42
We need You! Admins wanted!You are a passionate player of Teeworlds? You want to help building the European community in the ESL? We are looking for motivated admins for the international Teeworlds section - read on if you are interested.

Monday, 05/10

Teeworlds | 21:07
*Update* Teeworlds Fall LeagueThe last matches of the Summer Leagues will be played during the next days. This is no reason to pause! The Fall League is about to start very soon! This time just a 1on1 Fall League will be hosted. Of course you can win free premium accounts again!
Teeworlds | 13:55
Most Matches Competition OctoberAre you an active player here in the Teeworlds section? Every month we reward the most active player through the Most Matches Competition. Find out which ladder will be used this month!

Monday, 07/09

Teeworlds | 15:11
Summerleagues Play-Offs!After 4 weeks with some great matches we get our playoff players and teams. With <b>16 1on1 players</b> and <b>8 2on2 teams</b> we will start the playoffs. Who will be the first, the second and the third? Who will get the "Summerleague Award"? We know more in 3 to 4 Weeks!

Friday, 04/09

Teeworlds | 08:07
[UPDATE] 2on2 CTF Wednesday CupsThe "2on2 CTF Wednesday Cups" are cups they run every week at Wednesday from 19:00 cet to 21:00 cet! It´s a little cup with 16 teams and 4 rounds to find out the best team at the day. The matches will be played in BO3 and on ctf1 with the rules and settings from the "Capture The Flag 2on2 Ladder". You want know more about the "2on2 CTF Wednesday Cups"? Then read the full news!

Tuesday, 11/08

Teeworlds | 19:52
Summer Leagues Kick Off!The time has come to get the Summer Leagues started! After a extended sign up period the sign ups closed on Sunday. The Summer Leagues will start with this announcement. In this news you will find all needed information on the Leagues, schedules, prizes and the other important stuff.

Tuesday, 21/07

Teeworlds | 18:13
[Update] ESL Teeworlds: SummerleaguesSo in this news you will find all imporant informations you need to know about the summer league. First off all what is a summer league? Its a specific league where players/teams in groups play against each other. Each player/team will have 1 match per week. After this, there will be the playoffs. Its a really simple system so everybody should be able to play and understand it.

Monday, 13/07

Teeworlds | 17:22
Capture The Flag 2on2 Ladder - OpenedOur second ladder is now open! It´s the "Capture The Flag 2on2 Ladder"! We play in BO3 (Best of three) on the map ctf1 with scorelimit 600. We create a sidechange system to make the map balanced. I hope we can get early much teams and can see nice and exciting matches.

Friday, 10/07

Teeworlds | 12:34
2on2 Cup - Finish!With a few problems with the results system we do the cup good. We start with 22 teams and found the 3 best teams. It seems thats the german players are the best in the 2on2 scene. Under this text you can see the places of the tournament.
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