Good job, Dera, but we want to play SWAT4 on ESL.
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#9 | 28/03/11 00:44

If now we all are here to talk about that, it's just your fault, Derausmwaldkam(by the way, change your name, it's too long). As I said, it's just your fault, as you have never been able to do anything here. You are the most inactive ESL admin. You just organize cups, then disappear(but this time, you didn't even do the cup). To check a ticket, people have to wait for a month, sometimes, then don't accuse us! You are the problem here, people got bored of your arrogand attidudes  and then they haven't desire to do anything with you! So open again this section, and then sod off and give this job to someone who cares and which is competent for that, as you aren't.

Best regards <3

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