Valiant Online - side scrolling game.
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#1 | 04/02/12 08:12

Hi there! I'm a certified gamer and as a gamer I wanted to play and experience all the MMORPG that is available as much as possible and I believe it will never happen hahaha anyway. As I was searching thru MMORPG sites and youtube of course, I accidentally saw valiant on featured videos and then I clicked it and at first I find it not that interesting because introduction just really don't amaze me, anyway I was amazed by the valiant gameplay and I saw some combos a very unique one (just don't know how to explain it hehe) and a cool and heavy graphics though the video (link) that I posted is not good maybe because of poor recording however, It just dont stop me there from exploring the game and for those gamers who wants their avatar/character to be customizable,a great PVP system and a good gameplay valiant is the best game for you, for us! I can't find any guides for this game and I need help if you played the game please feel free to comment here ^_^

so here's the video link


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