FPS Repulse
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name of the game: Repulse
publisher: Aeria Games
website: http://repulse.aeriagames.com/
genre: Online FPS
description: Repulse is a fast-paced 3D Sci-Fi MMOFPS that features the action-packed jumping dynamics to add to the intensity of the battlefield.
community info:

- should be a new or current game [√]
- should have a stable multiplayer part [√]
- should have an option for replays and screenshots [√]
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Please allow this game to be added!!! Repulse needs a good ladder competition site. Repulse has so much potential to be a good competitive game, but it needs a site that will support it!!!!

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Repulse is the hit, no doubt!  Population is growing daily. 

Wouldn't the game need to be supported by ESL National for players from the United States to be eligible though?

Regardless, Repulse needs to be picked up by a serious league so that it's competitive aspect can evolve.

Let's go ESL!
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Repulse is my favorite FPS and we could use the competition. Also the player base is growing daily and I think it would expand dramatically if it were featured on sites such as this.
Regards! emoticon-tongue
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I can't wait to compete in Repulse. Don't leave us Asians out. 

More competetion, more players! emoticon-grin
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+1 from the new game.

Repulse is a great idea for a game, it fills a major gap. Having a background in game development and game management I would really recommend this to any Counter Strike fan or almost and first person shooter gamer out there. The only thing it's missing is the support. With it has so much potential to being a very well know, well loved PC game.

Do not take my work for it, try it your self - http://repulse.aeriagames.com/download

At the end of the day, it's a free, fun, fantastic game that will keep you fixed.
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After battlefield 2 addiction, repulse came in the second place. I am definitely positive that this game will hit the top 3 best FPS games ( with MW3 and BF3 ) for 2012.

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Description: Repulse is a free, sci-fi first person shooter which has unmatched freedom of movement from any FPS, solid shooting mechanics and emphasis on teamwork to be the best, making for very fast and tactical games.
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