TNL is over. Congratulations Seals!
The Next League Season 6 is over and we have a new champion. Seals are TNL-A champions and we would like to congratulate them for winning all their matches and for losing only 1 map in the entire league. This was our first season in ESL site and we hope that people got used to this system so the next season can be a sucess. We also hope that people use the forums more often in the next season since they weren't used that much in this season. You can use them to post you oppinions and suggestions for the next season. Your opinions and suggestion are very important for us so we can make the league better for everyone. If you have something in mind that you would like to suggest, please post it.

The Winners




Unplayed matches in the second half

Penalty Points

  • OXiD el33t Sports got their 6th strike so they will be given another two penalty points.

  • AlterEgo got their 4th strike so they will be given two penalty points.

  • TaskForce.. got their 3rd strike so they will be given one penalty point.

  • Sex Machines got their 8th strike so they will be given another four penalty points.

  • 4Genetic got their 4th strike so they will be given two penalty points.

  • Denial of Glory got their 4th strike so they will be given two penalty points.

  • The Dastardly Fishes got their 8th strike so they will be given another three penalty points. Since The Dastardly Fishes's total points is now below zero they will be removed from the league. All The Dastardly Fishes matches will be void.

  • SoldatFreaks got their 6th strike so they will be given another three penalty points.

Taxi, Thursday, 30/04/09 22:11
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Congrats to the Seals. What about advancing and relegation??
Check our http://www.esl.eu/eu/soldat/tnl/rules/#Promotion%20and%20Relegation" target="_blank">Promotion and Relegation system.

To fill the gaps that kicked clans left we will probably promote extra TNL-C clans. But we can't garante you that now.
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yahoo! :)
I hoped tnl-a winning team will get k2's t-shirts for free :<
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maybe premmium member, for all team mate's ?
We can try to arrange a sponsorship deal next season, beaztly. :>
Most wins, just 3rd :< SCTFL System, plox.

Gratz, Seals.
Maybe you won against weaker clans. :P This is by far the better system for freeplay. There is no question about it.
You forget that the SCTFL system without losing points is the key its success..
Clans wouldnt be that active there with an ESL system.
You're so absolutely right, Deva. But that's the point why there are two leagues. Otherwise we'd just have one. ;o
Yeah. But this one used to be better when it wasnt ESL supported.. The ESL system is just a random mess of links. Accessing the forums for example is much harder than before (on the old forum based system you were right there). And that's why there's not enough communication to run this league properly, imo. So the admins don't get the input they need to improve the league (or rather undo past mistakes).

I know that everyone wanted the next TNL for years, but I doubt ppl are satisfied with the way things went this season.

Also nice job on deleting a match where we played a team with an admin (Xyrus of K2). We won it and reported it. The match was set to a date after the TNL-deadline, but were are pretty sure the result was reported before the deadline (only in ESL things like that are possible :|). Obviously we cant check now, because they deleted the match. When we tried to clear things up Xyrus was just like "haha, fooled you". Nice admin abuse.
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Dawn of the D = LOL
It should work on few if not all computers i just changed few thingiz and i do not guarantee(uncorrect spelling? maybe ;s) it will work. However it did great for me&friend. Sometimes it just recuire you to restart comp. Adresses constantly change thats why its not 100% accurate. Moreover theres not more anykind of protection against cheats/hacks/hackz/haxors whatevea So gl&hf. Recommended for NEO kids with dynamic ips. ;d

Aimbot: it's built into wededy. From my experience It may not start immediately, so all you have to do is join idk 1-6 servers? just to choose your weapon and you should hear this sound from Duke Nukem. This means Wededy has started, so all u have to do is hit esc (in-game) and mess around with options ;d. (btw. aim bullets rocks ;p)

What's in this rar?

Mm just edited wededy.dll so it wont display annoying msg: "No Shieldz" or something, just because it didnt find fridge(bypass for BE).

So first of all go to orginal site and download Tracer, read learn, try whatevea:

There r descriptions and so on... Just put this 3 files: rasadhlp.dll,wEeEeDy.dll,wEeEeDy.exe in your soldat folder.
ad1. wEeEeDy.exe = start wededy.exe in my rar. dont remember actually.

Ok so thats about aimbot, credits to this super cOll haXors, thiER hard work ble ble ble yep yep yep.

What now ;d?

Full Snowy for 1.5 (Read my first sentences in this thread)
Again super cool snowy. public: snowys-hack.com (idk if its correct)
What was important to me?
mass kill and point to kill thats why this things works, it was funny playing around and using it. Default hotkeyz: mm ?End? for mass kill and Space for Point to kill. When u r trying to change hotkeyS it will close Snowy immediately. Why? Because i didnt mean to spend more time trying to get it working.

Yah jeah huh lalal Few dumbs ll claim thats virus! trojan! keylogger! yeah good luck with that lol

Ops and link: http://www.1filesharing.com/mirror/1WLMBCIK/Few%20thingz%20for%20Soldat%201.5.rar
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