Last Soldat Standing - Award Ceremony
Last Friday our Last Soldat Standing Cup came in an exciting final between Devastated Mind and Kulas to an end. In this final full of tension and thrill, Deva was able to beat his oppenent in a fair competition. We congratulate the winners to this great performance and we are proud to present them their prices.

The Winners

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    Final placement at the Last Soldat Standing Cup:

    1. Place: Devastated Mind (3 Months Premium)
    2. Place: Kulas (2 Months Premium)
    3. Place: Naughty Dog (1 Month Premium)

    The whole Admin Team thanks all participants of the Cup for the almost seamless procedure and congratulats the winners to their prices and honour to be at our Hall of Fame.

    // Your ESL Admin Team
Chaka, Monday, 16/03/09 20:51
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Thanks :3
polizist mit elfenohren
me girl come with what make you?
this brings nothing ~~
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