SMITE - The first 5on5 ESL Series Season is over!
The first 5on5 ESL Series is over now it's time to present you the winners and to start into the next season.
The final standing of the 1st SMITE ESL Series Season, shows that a lot of teams tried to convince the Gods, but there is a lot more you could do to please the Gods. Thanks to the Gods there is a new ESL Series Season starting TODAY! Sign up your team here.

Best of luck in the next exciting SMITE ESL Series season.

SMITE 5on5 ESL Series
More information, rules of the SMITE ESL 5on5 Series

What is A-Series or ESL Series you ask? Allow us to elaborate...

The A-Series or ESL Series not only merges our old EAS and ladder systems, revolutionizes them! Regular competition in divisions graduated by skill continues to be the key element even though we built the league and its matchmaking completely from scratch. Just like in VERSUS the whole procedure - from searching for opponents to entering the score - is made simpler and fairer!

You do not need Premium or Trusted to get started in the ESL Series!

You'll find more information in our recent preview called A-Series explained:
I Divisions - II Points System - III Matchmaking - IV Minimum Activity

Questions? Don't hesitate to share, discuss and feedback in our A-Series Forum.

Season Winners Awards

The season winners will win this unique ESL Series Awards of the ESL Series Season.

You don't know SMITE?

In SMITE you play from a 3rd person point of view. You can play as one of many gods, from the mythology of different cultures and ages around the world. SMITE is fun and full of action, try out this new MOBA game today by grabbing a Beta Key now:

SMITE Beta Key

1) If you don’t already have a Hi-Rez account you can create one here.
2) To download the game simply click the download link located on the homepage.
3) After you launch the game, click Enter Beta Key on the Game login screen to activate your account.

NachtkindFX, Wednesday, 09/01/13 15:05
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