OP3N Shootmania: Last Chance Qualifier
The online qualifiers are finally over ! Now, we know the name of the first 4 teams that will participate at the Op3n ShootMania finals at the Gamescom, which will be held the 17th August.
Four other teams will have a chance to join our already qualified teams for the finals on August, 17th.

So if you have not been given the opportunity to participate in our on-line qualifiers or if you were simply unlucky, you still have a chance to qualify your team for the finals by participating in the final qualifier which will be held Thursday, 16th August at the Gamescom.

This last qualifier will only include 16 teams. The best four of them win their place for the finals, which are going to be held the next day.

So, if you have the opportunity to go to Cologne and if you want to register your team for this "last chance" qualifier, here is how we will proceed:

8 teams will be selected by ESL & Nadeo according to various criteria, the results obtained during the four qualifiers. They will be contacted shortly.

8 other teams will be selected via a random drawing which will be held Friday, 10th August. Of course, if you want to give your team a chance to be selected, you must register.

Register my team for the random drawing !

The signup will be close Friday 10th of August, at 15.00 CEST.
See you this Friday, to find out the names of the 16 teams who are going to participate in the Qualifier on August 16th at the Gamescom!

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DRAX, Wednesday, 08/08/12 15:57
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Need 2guys!
Still nothing on the last chance qualifier tournament ? Single/double elimination ?
And the the schedule of it =)
looking for a team...
I'd be quite bummed out with this news if I'd had already booked my flights & hotel!
2 edits
when extractions?
so? realy ppl need to know ASAP!

A news will be out tomorrow about the 16 teams and the qualifier.

Best regards,
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