OP3N Shootmania at Gamescom !
NADEO announces today the first ShootMania European tournament (on Elite 3vs3 team mod), to be at Gamescom 2012 taking place from the 16th to the 19th of August 2012 in Cologne with prize money totalling €8,000.

Get the beta access and enter into the Op3n ShootMania Tournament!

There are two ways to get a beta key acess
1. Pre-order ShootMania Storm now and get your instant and unlimited access to the BETA !
2. Be a Premium Member! Indeed, all premium members can grab now his temporary access and participate to our Qualifiers. If you are premium member, click here to generate your Shootmania Storm BETA Key Access.

Sign-up for the qualifiers

From now to 31st July 2012, the ESL will have sign-ups open for the first four European qualifiers that will take place each day from July 31st to August 3rd 2012 ( In the "Elite Mod" 3vs3 ). The winning team of each qualifier will be qualified for ShootMania European tournament at Gamescom 2012 on August, 17th, one of the largest international exhibitions dedicated to video games.

OP3N Gamescom 2012 : Schedule of the qualifiers
Qualifier #1
Tuesday 31st July 21:00 CEST
Qualifier #2
Wednesday 1st August 21:00 CEST
Qualifier #3
Thursday 2nd August 21:00 CEST
Qualifier #4
Friday 3rd August 21:00 CEST

Have a chance to win one of the four last pass for the final

To make this unique competition even more exciting and spicy, the ESL will organize a last chance qualifier on site at Gamecom. Four more teams will be qualified during the first opening day (16th of August) at Gamescom 2012 to represent themselves at the tournament !

Qualifiers & Final Live!

In order to ensure great coverage, all the qualifications will be streamed by our specialists of the eSports scene: Joe Miller from ESL TV and Zerator from Millenium TV France. Likewise, the finals will feature live coverage in order to allow everyone to follow the finals and to experience the intensity of this European event.

Below is the detailed schedule :

1st round, Online qualifications from 31st of July to 3rd of August:
Joe Miller

2nd round, Offline qualification on 16th of August:
nvc from Team Dignitas
Zerator - Millenium TV

3rd round, finals on 17th of August:
nvc from Team Dignitas
Zerator - Millenium TV

Our Partners

Variant, Wednesday, 25/07/12 20:24
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awesome :DD
"To make this unique competition even more exciting and spicy, the ESL will organize a last chance qualifier open to everyone registered on the ESL website. Four more players will be chosen during the first opening day at Gamescom 2012 to represent themselves at the tournament"

Could you clarify this a bit? Is it one team that qualifies from the GamesCom lan qualifier, or 4 teams?
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1on1 tournament?
n1 ! I am on Gamescom12, perhaps i play at the cups !
<- Searching team
<- Searching team ! Contact me ! Flattinger@gmx.de or pm me in esl !
Nice :)
"Four more players will be chosen during the first opening day at Gamescom 2012 to represent themselves at the tournament "

You mean Four more teams ?
Is it random pick or a tournament live @ gamescon?
Whats the tournament mode, since its not specified and in the text is written players not teams. please clearify.
I guess its elite mode.@Signup it asks u for a team.
Good Morning,

#2 #8 : 4 Team qualified via 4 online qualifiers & 4 teams via a "last chance" tournament at Gamescom.

#3 #9 : No, in Elite Mod 3v3.

How to register for the last chance qualifier ?
#12 : Informations about the "last chance qualifier" coming as soon as possible.
Je ne vois plus ma question donc je la repose pour avoir confirmation
Sera-t-il possible de jouer avec un autre joueur lors des qualifers et de la lan (un joueur de notre équipe (SIMOON) sera absent lors des qualifers) ?
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ok now im kinda lost, when i wanna signup for it it tells me Teams has too much members for this league ( 2vs2 teams must only have 2 players ), could anyone fix this ? As i see noone signed up yet so its probably for this same reason i guess
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#15 soz i failed :D

Correct me if im wrong. Can we (Imaginary Gaming) play with a diffrent player for the qualifers and the lan since SIMOON is in holidays during the qualifers tournament and he'll be back for the lan ?
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#16 : Use the following link to signup : http://www.esl.eu/eu/shootmania/open_gamescom_2012/q1/signup/

#18 Yes, but he needs to be in your team.

9 Maps? atleast limit it to 7.. or 5.

BO1, first to 5, maxrounds 6? Is this a joke or something? Atleast put first to 6 maxrounds 7 and let the tournament start sooner so you can make bo3 at some point and maybe bo5 at the final and also put maxrounds 11 at some point and unlimited in final. Just let the tournament start 2 hours earlier.

First to 5 is realy random because 1 guy can't attack if one team plays to 0 and it will favor the first defenders alot, even more than as of now.

Another thing: please higher the max amount of players for teams, many teams have several managers.

1 more thing, will we have to buy the gamescom ticket if we make it in one of the 4 qualifiers / go to the last chance qualifier?

Calculation of 2 systems wrote:
ro128/ro64/ro32/ro16 = bo1, first to 6, maxrounds 7
= 13 rounds max = 13 min, let's calculate with 30 min for each match = 2:00 hours
ro8 / ro4 = bo3, first to 6, marounds 11
= 21 rounds max = 21 min, let's calculate with 1:20 for each match = 2:40 hours
ro2 = bo5, first to 6, maxrounds unlimited, let's calculate wiith 2:00 hours

= 6:40 hours

If you start at 19:00 the final will start at 23:40, if you put bo3 in ro16 it will start at 0:30.

Your current system, bo1 first-to-5 maxrounds 6 looks like that:
ro128/ro64/ro32/ro16/ro8/ro4/ro2 = 11 rounds max, calcualated with 30 min each = 3,5 hours, final will start at 0:00.
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"team_pointslimit: 5
team_maxpoints: 6"

It should be 6 and 7. That's definitely the least you could change.
=) yea
And please please, do not change the current maps.. or let poppychamp release the new maps now :x Playing Qualifiers on a different (9 maps!!) mappool than the main tournament sucks, especialy if you don't publish the maps very soon.
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need team
Good luck!
4nothing, imaginary gaming and probably many other teams are still waiting to be added in the qualifiers by an admin.
Awesome prize pot for EU =)
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"team_pointslimit: 5
team_maxpoints: 6"


Imaginary Gaming, 4nothing, redwave and others are still waiting to be accepted on the tournament. I've checked but everything is in order. Would you please answer us when we are writing you an email ?

regards, evl
premium teurer pls
how does the offline qualifiers work?
Draceus wrote:
how does the offline qualifiers work?
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