Scrolls Autumn Cup Series #3 - 3rd November
On Sunday 3rd November you can enter the 6-week series of intense matches, because at this date the third cup in the Scrolls Autumn Series tournament will take place. Jump in at any time with a new weekly cup, where you will have a chance earn points towards qualifying for the playoffs with an exclusive award and ESL Premium prizes for the winners!

General Information

Autumn Cup Series #3

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(Check-in: 17:30 - 17:40 CET)
Check-in is first come, first serve.
Sign up until 17:59 CET
Date: Sunday, 3rd of November
Start: 18:00 CET
Size: 64 players
Structure: Single Elimination
List of all signed up players

Basic rules:

Teamsize: 1on1
Mode: Bo1 and Bo3*
Settings: Challenge match


Beginners guide to sign up:

Register on ESL
Enter a contact method (Skype, IRC, etc.) 
Click the sign up link!

*Semi Finals, Finals, and 3rd Place Match are best of 3. All other matches are Best of 1.

Check-In System
In this Cup we will use the ESL "Check-In System". If you don't know the handling, check out the FAQ.

If you have any problems during your matches, please open a Protest ticket instead of a Support ticket, so your opponent can see and react to it.

Ranking points distribution

1st 100 points
2nd 75 points
3rd 60 points
4th 40 points
5th-8th 25 points
9th-16th 10 points
17th-32nd 5 points

Ranking points for a cup of 64 players. Ranking points may differ depending on cup size.

Prizes for Winners

The winning player of the Autumn Cup Playoff will receive the exclusive Autumn Cup Award!

Certainly in addition, the top three will receive ESL Premium as following:

3 months Premium for the winning player
2 months Premium for 2nd place
1 month Premium for 3rd place

Stay up to date, follow us!

// Your Admin Team
Chackiwinja, Thursday, 31/10/13 12:24
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