32 Challengers fight for 16 Premier slots in 8 groups
The first stage of the Challenger League is finished. Eight players such as ToD or Grubby qualified for next season's Premier League. Everybody else gets another chance in the second stage of Challenger League, the group stage. Winner and runner-up of every group secure a spot for next season's Premier League, the 3rd placed makes it again into Challenger League.

WCS Europe Season 1 Challenger League - Stage 2 (Group Stage)

Stage 2 of the Challenger League starts on Monday, right after Premier League's culmination this weekend. Every single match will be commentated live at wcs.esl.eu free in ad-supported 720p HD, always starting at 18:00 CEST. GameSocial.biz covers your StarCraft II needs in the first week with group A to E. ESL TV's James 'Kaelaris' Carrol steps in for week number two with the remaining group F, G and H.

  Group A (May 27th)
  1. VortiX
  2. TaiLS
  3. Socke
  4. Noname
  Group B (May 28th)
  1. Sase
  2. Beastyqt
  3. elfi
  4. monchi
  Group C (May 29th)
  1. Strelok
  2. sLivko
  3. SortOf
  4. Jogginghose
  Group D (May 30th)
  1. NaNiwa
  2. HasuObs
  3. BlinG
  4. siw
  Group E (May 31st)
  1. Feast
  2. Kas
  3. TITAN
  4. uzer
  Group F (June 3rd)
  1. Bunny
  2. KrasS
  3. duckdeok
  4. Harstem
  Group G (June 4th)
  1. ThorZaIN
  2. MaNa
  3. Bischu
  4. FireCake
  Group H (June 5th)
  1. Nerchio
  2. MC
  3. Welmu
  4. DarkHydra

The format used will be the Dual Tournament Format, where you need two wins to advance or you will drop after two losses.

Each group will feature five matches played in Best of three:
  1. Player #1 vs. Player #4
  2. Player #2 vs. Player #3
  3. Winners of these matches will then face each other
    Winner qualifies for next season's Premier League
  4. The losers of the initial matches face each other
  5. The loser of the 3rd match and the winner of the 4th match will face each other
    Winner qualifies for next season's Premier League
    Loser qualifies for next season's Challenger League

To learn more about the StarCraft II WCS, visit wcs.esl.eu.
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