1,000 Heart of the Swarm Beta Invitations - for you!
Sarah Kerrigan is back and we are inviting you for the chance to get one of 1,000 dates with the Queen of Blades. Blizzard have provided us with 1,000 Beta invitations , which grant access to the current multiplayer beta of Heart of the Swarm. The chance to get a key is in your hands by playing on the ESL.

Your shot at a Heart of the Swarm Beta Invitation!

1,000 Beta invitations will go out to the most active StarCraft II players on the ESL. To ensure players from everywhere have the chance to get access, the Beta invitations will be given to the most active players in each country; the more players a country has, the more invitations they have to share. Every single match across the ESL globally counts, no matter if you play in our cups, Go4SC2 (€200 on Sunday!), A-Series, VERSUS or any other competition across the ESL; no matter if you win or lose. Until and including October 4th it's up to you and your friends to play as much as possible. Good luck!

EU Servers: Play StarCraft II for a HotS Beta Key

NA Servers: Play StarCraft II for a HotS Beta Key

Australia/New Zealand: Play StarCraft II for a HotS Beta Key

What is StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm?

Heart of the Swarm continues the epic story from Wings of Liberty with an all-new campaign that focuses on Kerrigan, the erstwhile Queen of Blades. You will unleash the devastating power of Sarah Kerrigan and advance the evolution of the Swarm to terrifying new heights. Can her human side be redeemed... or does Kerrigan’s fate forever lie within the Heart of the Swarm?

The beta key grants access to the new multiplayer content, which is included in the expansion. New units and abilities for Terrans, Protoss and, of course, Zerg. Detailed information about Heart of the Swarm and new units can found in the official Battle Reports by Day[9] and Rob Simpson at youtube.com/starcraft and eu.battle.net/sc2/.

StarCraft II World Championship Series

Prior to the official release of Heart of the Swarm, the first world champion of StarCraft II Wings of Liberty will be determined in Shanghai on November 17th and 18th. Players from all over the world have battled their way through regional, national and continental tournaments for the chance to join the Battle.net World Championship. 32 of the world's best StarCraft II players will travel to China to compete for a share of the $250,000 prize pool. More information is available here.

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#1 ! :D
nice :D
i want it :D
yeeessss :)
OK ! :-) .. co cmon on VERSUS ! :-) ... WE <3 eSports !
do the already played matches count as well? Or just the played matches beginning with this post?
need plz !
do the already played matches count as well? Or just the played matches beginning with this post?

beginning with the post!
how can i get one and how to do for it pleas moor info
me too !
Let's win that key!
Well, I'm going to try to get in. Might not though, but worth trying!
I want key;p
I want it :>
panyg wrote:
how can i get one and how to do for it pleas moor info

Play as much SC2 on the ESL as you can. Play in cups, VERSUS, ladders, A-Series (opens on Monday), etc

Follow the links in the post
i want keyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
hR9 wrote:
i want keyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Then play!
is there somewhere a ranking, who the most games has played?
Rocket wrote:
is there somewhere a ranking, who the most games has played?

No, as this is a one-off contest that spans the ESL globally, and across all of our features, there's no easy way to see who is playing the most. Since a lot of activity will take place in VERSUS, the VERSUS rankings will be a good indicator http://www.esl.eu/eu/sc2/ui/versus/rankings/
I WANT xddddddddddddddddddddddd
i want a key please.
to get a key, you have to play on esl... and sc2 competition you wanna play! www.playversus.me or www.nationalesl.com/us/sc2/versus/play... or esl.eu/eu/cups (sc2 cups for Europe) ... www.nationalesl.com/aus ESL Australia Cups...
I want. Really want =(
Need plz !
Gl everyone
a Key a Key a Key a Key =)
gogo play! www.playversus.me ! sc2 !
want a key so bad :/
need this game ! Xd
plox KEY:XD
I would like :p
i like it and i want it
Go Go i wanna be play in hots !
n1nn1n1n1n1 i want one ^^
Hope ill get one !
See the task ahead then overcome it
GL to all :D
so great :X
give me a key
Hey, i have a question. 1000 keys r left right? So, if i count how i count, that r not more then 1000players in versus, etc. So if this is rly serious, then we "all" will get a beta inv key, m I right mr. admins?
^ I believe it's 1000 keys including everyone on the North American and Australia servers, + there are loads of people that participate in tournaments, the A series etc. so I wouldn't be so sure :S

Would be nice though, gl getting one.
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