Titan & Bly are the champions of Blizzard's Russian Federation & Ukraine Nationals
On the first day of the Russian Federation & Ukraine Nationals the Ukrainian champion was determined. Bly managed to win and will therefore advance to the Europe Finals just like his grand final opponent White-Ra. The Russian champion as well as the three Russian Europe Finals participants have been determined today.

Russian Federation & Ukraine Nationals Gallery

Bly, White-Ra, Titan, Happy and Slivko qualified for the Europe Finals, which will take place in September. Furthermore, Russias Champion Titan is also guaranteed a spot in the Global Finals in Asia later this year.

Ukraine Nationals

1st Place Bly - 2,000 US-Dollar
2nd Place White-Ra - 1,250 US-Dollar
3rd Place Strelok - 600 US-Dollar
4th Place Kas - 350 US-Dollar

Russian Federation Nationals

1st Place Titan - 6,000 US-Dollar
2nd Place Happy - 3,000 US-Dollar
3rd Place Slivko - 1,350 US-Dollar
4th Place Aristeo - 900 US-Dollar

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otacon, Sunday, 22/07/12 18:39
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