Combined European Nationals - Day 2
All updates and information live from the World Championship Series Combined European Nationals in the ESL TV studio in Cologne, Germany. Show start is at 14:00
Day 1 Coverage
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[19:08] The winner of the Combined European Nationals is LoWeLy who won the tournament without dropping a single map. A very impressive performance and a deserved win.

Grand Final Tournament Tree
LoWeLy 2:0 NightEnD

[18:19] The final will start at around 18:30, so roughly 10 minutes from now.

[18:06] The grand final is set: LoWeLy will face NightEnD. Both will advance to the Europe Finals, but who will take home the cup and the first place money?

The Gallery from the Combined European Nationals

[17:08] After a long and impressive run, Giantt is out of the tournament. NightEnD won the match with 2:0 and will play biGs next. The winner will advance to the final where LoWeLy is waiting.

6. Round LB Tournament Tree
biGs 0:2 NightEnD
  Winner faces LoWeLy

4. Round WB Tournament Tree
LoWeLy 2:0 biGs
5. Round LB
NightEnD 2:0 Giantt

[16:10] We have our first finalist for the Combined European Nationals. LoWeLy just beat biGs with 2:0 and will now sit back comfortably as he is waiting for his opponent.

Next match will be NightEnD vs Giantt. The winner will then after biGs afterwards for the second spot in the final.

[15:34] We just witnessed one of the bigger upsets of the tournament. Giantt won in two straight maps against sYz. He'll now face NightEnD. The next match will be the WB final between LoWeLy and biGs.

[14:45] NightEnD remains in the tournament after a 2:1 win against monchi. His opponent will be decided next between sYz and Giantt.

4. Round WB Tournament Tree
LoWeLy vs. biGs
4. Round LB
NightEnD vs. monchi
  sYz 0:2 Giantt

[14:13] We kick off the day with NightEnD vs monchi. A top notch PvP will go live any minute, commentated by Grubby and HasuObs.

[13:06] Good morning and welcome to the second and final day of the Combined European Nationals. Today we will find out who will take the top 2 spots and advance to the Europe Finals later this year.
meth, Sunday, 24/06/12 13:15
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