SC2 Fans? Meet AkkiS and GoOdy on VERSUS!!
Good news for everyone who has always wanted to get to know a Starcraft II pro (-fessional) in person! This month, Sascha "GoOdy" Lupp and Arthur "AkkiS" Roskos will regularly be playing VERSUS, searching for a opponents to play StarCraft 2 1v1! This means you have the chance to meet and play against them, testing your skills to see how good you are and get feedback from a top player about your play.

GoOdy and AkkiS

GoOdy and AkkiS are two internationally renowned StarCraft II players from the European powerhouse ESC ICY BOX Starcraft II. German Zerg Arthur "AkkiS" Roskos is 24 years old and has been an active member of the Electronic Sports League since June 2004. His ESL profile tells us the story of a strong StarCraft II player that never gives up and regularly trains hard to get to the top. Some of you will remember him as progamer in WarCraft III already, playing in ESL Pro Series Germany seasons X, XI and XII.

Sascha "GoOdy" Lupp entered ESL in May 2004. It took him some time to really get into ESL, but what an impact it had when he finally appeared on the national stage! In ESL Pro Series Season 17 he mastered almost everyone's play style, coming second in the EPS, earn his first title was "German Vice Champion" of StarCraft II, not bad, right? ESL is very proud to have two such amazing players registered and playing, who are always friendly and role models to the eSports community. We'd like to thank them that they have decided to spend some time in VERSUS to meet the community and their fans!

Get coached or pwned by GoOdy and AkkiS during the month of May!

Come join us in VERSUS during the month of May to get the chance to play against GoOdy and AkkiS! Don't be scared, whether or not you're a top player or a beginner that will surely lose, because if you ask nicely, they will give you some tips about tactics or tell you a story from their life as a progamer. VERSUS features the latest StarCraft II ESL map pool.

When will GoOdy and Akkis be in VERSUS?

All you have to do to play against GoOdy or Akkis is play VERSUS on May 10th 2012 from 7-9pm CEST. Further dates and times will be announced in this news and on the ESC Gaming Twitch Stream! Whenever they stream (during the whole month of May from time to time!!) and find time for a match against you! If you are interested in challenging in VERSUS, you can leave them a message on their Facebook fan-pages. Ask GoOdy on Facebook to play against you in VERSUS. He will be happy to welcome new fans on his Facebook fan-page and we are sure he might be more tempted to accept your challenge and join VERSUS with you if you post him the VERSUS link www.playversus.me and tell him why you want to challenge him! The same for AkkiS: Go to the ESC Gaming Facebook Page to challenge AkkiS in VERSUS!


P.s. Remember! GoOdy and AkkiS could be in VERSUS at any time, so beware! They will not play one-handed. If you have questions - ask them nicely. If you want them to play a little "slower", you can ask and they will consider it. They are not obliged to play their worst - they are there to practice and give you a challenge. They won't know their skill when they see you, if you are only a Bronze player, let them know ;) you might get pwned less hard or maybe even a short lesson! Have fun!
ESLJulia, Thursday, 10/05/12 17:41
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cool :P
very nice but pls check the facebook link to our facebook-fanpage. its not ESC-Gaming our facebook page is www.facebook.com/escgaming

pls check your link and fix it =)
nice :)
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