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[Official Team seeks Players]
Author Posting
This is the only valid place in this forum for teams/clans to look for new members/players regarding Starcraft 2. All other entries within the forum will be deleted!

If you are interested in one of the posts, please contact the poster directly and not within this thread.

Players can seek new teams/clans >>here<<.
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we are looking for sc2 Player! We have very good support! please contact me!
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Energetic gaming is searching for a SC2 Player/squad.
Please contact at energetic-gaming.com
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Fureur, French gaming community, is looking for high level players.
Contact Echo via MP on http://www.fureur.org/starcraft2/ forums.

French version :
Fureur, communauté multijoueur, recherche des joueurs de  grande qualité sur Starcraft 2.
Merci de contacter Echo via MP sur les forums de http://www.fureur.org/starcraft2/
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www.finallap.de Search 1-4 Starcraftplayer

We play Alpen EAS 1st Division
Down of War German 1 Division

We are Sponsored by www.gamed.de  , Jolt.de and maybe soon by Wandelware

We Search Players whit ambitions

And Positiv Stats

Send me a PM or add me on ICQ

Good evenig
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I'm Team Matrix admin, u don't know us?
TM is a italian based team that play Sc1 since 2000.

We play Sc1 in all online competitions with good results and now we play Sc2, we search active 1v1 and 2v2 players that play in gold/platinum league, If u're interest 4 join send me a PM here, find our admin in b.net 2.0 server (my nick is KoWa.ita or talk with ludwig.teletubbies), write me e-mail to sir.kowa@gmail.com or write in our forum at www.matrix-esports.eu.

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Ich hoffe ich darf ich auf deutsch schreiben da wir ein Deutsches Team sind emoticon-grin

Das team Devillz SC2 sucht noch utnerstützung in verschiedensten aufgaben

Spieler SC2 skill: ab Kupfer alles hauptsache Spass am Spiel
evtl sogar noch Orga

Alles im Aufbau!

Seit dabei ab anfang an!

ICQ 91649473
Ingame Aspect.luchs
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Destiny Dealers was founded in 2005 playing the RTS game Star Trek Armada 2 til 2007. Since 2007 we support every new Command & Conquer game. Since 2009 we support also the Dawn of War 2 series and Blizzards Crafts games.
Of course we dropped the older Craft games in favor of SC 2.

We have a very competitve history, with success in C&C 3, Kanes Wrath, Red Alert 3, C&C 4 and Dawn of War 2.
We have ESL Clanwar experience in Red Alert 3, Warcraft 3 and Dawn of War 2 (ESL Major Series).

For our Starcraft 2 Squad we want the same approach, we had with Warcraft 3 last year.
We want people that go to tournaments, doing decent there and depending on that we eventually join a ESL Clanwar League.

So we want only players that do take part on tournaments.
Headset is an advantage, as we use Ventrilo but not mandatory.

If you are interested and fulfil the requirements, you can make an application at our forums.

Contact/Windows live: trip3000@live.de

Homepage: http://www.destinydealers.de/

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N-rGy Gaming sucht nach deutschen Spielern, die auf einem relativ guten Niveau spielen möchten und Interesse daran zeigen sich in Ligen mit anderen auseinander zu setzen.
Wer Interesse hat kann mich gerne anschreiben. Vorwiegend suchen wir solo Spieler aber selbstverständlich sind auch einige Teamspieler sehr gern gesehen, sofern sie über eine soziale Grundkompetenz verfügen : ]. Kinder die gerne spammen und ihren Agressionen freien Lauf lassen, sollten sich besser jemand anders suchen.

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Guten Tag,

Pünktlich zum Release am Dienstag, eröffnet n2o-gaming, nach einer erfolgreichen Zeit in Warcraft 3, einen Starcraft 2 Squad. Für den Anfang suchen wir noch Spieler die mit uns aktiv am Beginn eines neuen Multiplayer Spiels mitwirken wollen, viel trainieren und natürlich zusammen in einer Liga spielen wollen.

n2o-gaming konnte in Wc3 große Erfolge feiern, so spielte man ohne finanziellen Hintergrund, worauf wir großen Wert legen, man spielte lange Zeit in der 2. Bundesliga und verpasste 2x nur knapp den Einzug in die Premier League. Wer darauf aus ist mit SC2 Geld zu verdienen, sollte sich lieber ein anderes Team suchen, wir waren in WC3 einer der erfolgreichsten Amateurteams und wollen versuchen dies auch in SC2 wieder zu schaffen. Nebenbei sind wir noch in TF2 vertreten und unterhalten einen eigenen Shoutcast Videostream.

Falls interesse besteht und ihr denkt, dass wir zu euch passen, dann würde ich mich über ein nettes Gespräch im ICQ oder Mumble freuen.

Kontaktiert mich am besten über die ESL Seite oder direkt über ICQ 321292850.

Gruss mosepose
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JOJO, ich bin dabei
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e.Sports-Elite Sucht avtive und Topmotvirte Fun und Liga Spieler.Wir Bieten euch ein sehr gutes und Freundliches Team  eine super Homepage einen 1 a Ts3 und die möglichkeit in den besten ligen der Welt zu Spieln und das alles ohne eine Mitgliedsbeitrag bezahln zu müssen .Wir haben viele Partner clans geg die wie regelmässig Training und Matches machen .Wen du keine lust mehr hast allein Puplic zu Spieln und willst das dein e.Sports herz schneller und höher Schlagen soll kom zu e.Sports-Elite.Wir freun uns über dich!!!!!!

Kontaktdaten sind
Steam iDemoticon-tongueaintballfighter88
Facebook:coming soon
Twitter:coming soon
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Hello starcraft 2 Players! 

First of all let me introduce myself. 
My name is Laurens, and i am the community manager of Compact gaming. 
Compact gaming is searching for platinum / diamond starcraft 2 players to form a team and to train with eachother. 

What is compact gaming: 

* Compact gaming is a small european community that will focus on competetive play on pc. 
* Compact gaming will manage all your matches and tournaments. 
* Compact gaming will provide website / forum & mail accounts and communication software (venrilo) 
* Compact gaming will bring you fun and a great team to play in! 
* Compact gaming will make his own tournaments. 

There will be several requirements. 

* Player needs to have a good working microphone and ventrilo installed. 
* Player needs to be above the age of 18. 
* Player needs to be active in the gaming scene 
* Player needs to have time to train with team mates ( twice a week) 
* Player needs to have an esl account. 
* Player needs to be at a certain skill level. 

Do you think you are ready for the next level in esport gaming? 
Then why not and try to sign up! 

You can send your contact info and motivation to 

or visit:

Best regards, 

Laurens van Boekhout 
Compact Gaming manager 

p.s In total we will have 7 starcraft 2 players in the team. so be quick
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Hello everyone,

Welcome to Clan Starcade, a newly formed Starcraft 2 clan. We're
accepting new member as of today!

* What is Clan Starcade ?

Clan Starcade seeks to bring a fun and social gaming atmosphere, where
both new and more established RTS/Starcraft 2/Broodwar players can
face off against each other, or just socialize together on our
decicated forums and/or IRC channel.

Our gaming philosophy is very simple: Clan Starcade is about playing
games and generally having loads of fun with online friends and
clanmates alike. Members can freely participate in official ladder
competition at their leasure, but Clan Starcade is equally determined
on providing newer players with a friendly gaming environment where
they can be matched against people of their own skill level. Providing
them with a tight gaming community will enable tactical feedback as
well as simply a greater range of friends to play against--two
features which the current ladder system of Blizzard Entertainment
doesn't always easily provide or support.

In a nutshell, we believe that the social aspect of a clan is equally
important to the playing of the game, and that clan membership
therefore shouldn't feel like a "second job" or some obligation. The
focus should always stay on the fun factor!

* What's in this new Clan for me?

Clan Starcade is about offering its members a social online gaming
community, where it is all about playing starcraft and hanging out,

having fun and hopefully getting better at the game.

Also, since the Clan is currently in its formative
stages, now's actually the best time to sign up and become a part of
the decision making process, since all future leadership positions
will be assigned through a popular vote among the members.
Join now and participate in shaping the Clan !

* Are there any conditions for joining Clan Starcade?

We grant membership to everyone, as long as they are:

1) Over the age of 15 and
2) Aren't a former member that has been kicked out for whatever reason

* So how do I apply?

Just follow the instruction on
http://www.clan-starcade.org/index.php/join-us and you're in!
Glad to have you!
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Never-Ionix is looking for you!
Never-Ionix is looking for people to join its StarCraft II division, currently we are participating in the German League "Stammkneipe" however we are looking to join other leagues soon.

-> Who are we? 

Never-Ionix is a clan which currently holds a WarCraft III Squad as well as a StarCraft II Squad. We are mainly based around the British Isles and are therefore looking mainly for players from that region however we are happy to accept a couple of people from elsewhere in Europe. Although we strive to be as good and as successful as possible we try to not forget the fun aspect of the game. We regularly practice and from time to time hold inclan tournaments and cups.

-> Who do we want? 

 We are mainly looking for people:

*From the British Isles
*Although we don't generally have an age boundary it would be nice if you showed a level of maturity.
*Must speak English, or at least be able to write it understandably.
*Should be mannered.
*Any skill level where you are willing to commit to practice and get better.

-> Contact us:

You can contact us either on our website: http://www.blizzdesigns.com/clans/nio/portal.php

See you there.
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TorridOrbs search 4 new Members ;)

Hello guys,

we are from torridOrbs and are now searching competetive gamers, which are able to play very much. Since we are very active and have at least 1 guy (like almost always more) online the whole day and a pretty big squad (with over 40 people), we search a good gamer, which wants to help us in wars and tournaments. Most of our members are no competetive ones, so we need you as our recruitment for our upcoming wars.

We are competing now in Stammkneipe.de Clanleague and are on a five winstreak, including a win over a SC2CL Division 2 Clan. Also we are in Division 2a in SC2CL, which begins next sunday. Our plans involve competing in the ESL Fun Cup. This means we will have wars on: Mondays, Tuesday, Thursdays and Sundays every week. If you have the requested skill you will be able to compete at least in one war every week (most likely in more).

Our community is very friendly and we are having lots of fun in our voice server (Teamspeak 3), where we mostly talk german, but if a foreigner is in ts3 we always talk english of course. also we are hosting internal tournaments pretty regulary, which results in an internal ranking, which can be seen on our homepage.


so lets get to the rough facts:

what we want from you:
- skill (at least diamand 1000 points, exceptions can be made, if you can convince us in testgames): it would be cool to have a small ladderreplaypaket from you (like the last 3-5 games) but it is not obligatory
- humour!, we are having lot of fun and we always joke around. you should not take everything seriously.
- manner in wars
- (not mandatory, as we have some swedes^^ german roots (at least some german skills would be nice )

what can we offer to you:
- sc2cl division 2a seeeded clan enviroment (after getting in ro32 in the sc2cl beta tournament, losing to esc gaming)
- stammkneipe.de playoffs (playing against at least average skilled gamers)
- always someone to play with (if you get to know everybody, you never be alone )
- actively used teamspeak server
- homepage (which will get a new design)
- regularly internal tournaments with internal ranking
- some (not all^^) good training partner
- many zerg and protoss players and not so many terran ones

you can contact following leaders:
- AkiThePope.767
- chrisolo.209
- MeSSu.351
- Scour.435

we are awaiting your application

sincerly yours,
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Hello Starcraft II Community!

Team Levitas (http://www.team-levitas.com) has decided to open its doors for recruitment for one, possibly two, positions for our expansion into the Starcraft II competitive scene.

At the moment we are currently looking for a few highly motivated player to join our Roster.

At the moment we're in Sc2CL. And soon we'll be joining the ESL Clan League too.

We are looking for at least 1 Terran player and another Zerg or Terran player. We're hoping for someone with 1k+ rating, but if you can prove you're good enough, we're willing to play a couple of trial games.

If you're good enough you'll be playing at least 1 clan war a week.

We also expect you to be training with the whole team occasionally, so we can improve together.

So if you're looking to play clan wars, training together, and hang out with the team, contact us now!

Write an application on our forums at www.team-levitas.com/forums in "Want to join team-levitas"? Post your contact information there, and we'll get in touch with you.

If you have questions first, you can contact me on DemonHunter.994 or Florex.293.

Looking forward to hearing from you and best of luck with your future endeavours,
Levitas.SC2 Admin Team.

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Hello everyone!

Team West Side is looking for active and skilled 1v1 players to the team for the upcoming challanges the team will face such as clan leagues like ESL clanwar league, sc2cl and many more!

I will write some important details shortly. if you are interested, we will be in contact and you will be informed about everything you may want to know.

-We are expecting from you to be active(in events) and working with team (practicing) as much as you can.

-We are only looking for skilled players who are very high ranked in battle.net ladder. Tournament accomplishments are a big plus.

-Interested players must not have any bad records from the past. We don\'t want bad manner players.

-What we can offer is; heavily sponsored team which has a great history in both Counter-Strike and Left 4 Dead 2 scene, willing to do the same in famous RTS Starcraft 2.

-Current team members are very friendly and open to new faces to support the team from its very beggining. So there will be a very warm enviorement waiting for you along with a professional team.

Our website is: http://eng.ws-gaming.org

You can contact from:

e-mail: yuhbea@icqmail.com
msn: darkjedican@hotmail.com
skype: yuhbea@icqmail.com drunken.brewer
game account: Reyis.839
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I'm looking for some skilled player for an European organization called Quantum eSports. We are aiming for the professional status (the real ONE, not the fake "professional team" without beeing even registered and stuff like that).

We are looking for mature/serious players, very active, from Europe (Must speak/write english) for a 4/5 lineup SC2 team.
Must know how to play together (teamwork for team wars) and alone (for 1on1 ladders).

Must be playes that can help out organize some online events for our Cups project.

Must play for ESL and other leagues/cups. We give prefference to "LAN able" players (if your country has some Lans with SC2 tournaments, better).

Website: coming soon (underconstruction)

What we give?

At the moment, Voice server support, more support in the future (We are holding some projects that I can't reveal).

If intereted, Email me:


Regards to all
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Suchen noch für das SC2 Team
- 1vs1 Spieler

Gesponsort von Media Cafe`s Berlin

Hallo zusammen,...

Das Team Media Cafe sucht Verstärkung!
Um es kurz und schmerzlos zu machen, hier die wichtigsten Infos.

Zu uns:
Name: Team Media Cafe
Ligen: SC2CL, ESL
Niveau: 1v1 Diamond & ESL Cupwinner
Voice: Teamspeak 3
IRC: #MediaCafe
Alter: 18+

Durch Voiceaktiv und Internes Training gibt es in diesem Team einen sehr starken Zusammenhalt! Auch unsere Monatlichen internen 1on1 Tuniere wo wir an jedem Sieger Preise vergeben ( zb. Logitech MX518 Maus, 1a Tastaturen, Kopfhörer + Headset ) und geben eine starke Motivation zum Spielen! Auch Monatliches Taschengeld ist hier bei uns mÖglich für erfolgreiche ESL Cups bzw. leistungen im Team!

Ab sofort nehmen wir an der SC2CL teil und wollen viel erreichen!

Was wir suchen:
Niveau: 1v1 Diamond
Aktiv seit: beta (bevorzugt)
Alter: 16+ (ohne Ausnahmen)
Soft skills: teamfähig, voiceaktiv, motiviert, Trainingsaktiv, IRC Pflicht

Im Orga Bereich:
Alter: 20+
Soft skills: teamfähig, voiceaktiv, motiviert, IRC,
mind. 2 Seasons Erfahrung als Orga/Team manager in Wc3/BW in der ESL/WC3CL/BWCL , Erfahrungen im Bereich Spielersuche, mind. ICQ,MSN,TS3, IRC

Fühlt ihr euch angesprochen und habt genauso bock wie wir Erfolg zu haben dann meldet euch bei mir oder im ICR #MediaCafe

ICQ: 352503680
Mail oder PM im ESL Profile
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Hey, I look for people for 2v2/3v3 ladder games/tournaments, and for solo/team training emoticon-grin
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Hello World,

The Lords Of The SITH Imperium, originally created in 2000 as a SC-BW team, has been active for about 10 years now, participating in the major online BW leagues (WGTCL,  BWCL, french leagues ...)

Migrating now to the sc2 scene since the beta phase, we are looking for experienced 1100++ diamand players to join our community. We are expecting them to be ready to play online solo & clans events (esl cups, sc2cl etc...).
We are also excited about having some new international blood in our troops (we used to have players from sweden, bulgaria, etc... some years ago. I personnaly live in Finland).

The website in currently in french but it might change if foreign players are applying.

contact me revan.626 if you are interested
http://www.lordsofthesith.fr (in french)

May the dark force be with you~
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Team "You will be sorry" is seeking for new skilled players to play ESL and SC2CL league.
We are now ranked #2 in div 4f (we play vs ieS in this league for egzample)
Our home page: http://www.ybs.xt.pl now the page is in english because we are all from poland but we speak english so it could easly change in few seconds if some english speaking ppl will join.

Required skill lvl: for now 1300+
(if less we can play some tests games)

We are looking also some 2v2 teams ^_^

Team founded in 2003 as SC:BW team. (previously played only on polish league)

Beer on LANs sponsored by me emoticon-grin

Link to join our team on ESL:
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SCB Team recruiting good players from diamond league. For joining into the team, you'll need to play test games.
Also our team playing in the SC2CL http://starcraft2.ingame.de/sc...ivision&divisionId=110
Team on the ESL http://www.esl.eu/eu#/eu/team/5337441/
Pm me if you're interested in joining us, thanks.
ICQ - 565-864-250
Skype - pavluha303
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Hallo SC2 Community

ein neuer Clan wurde gegründet 4eSports, dementsprechend suchen wir auch Spieler. Momentan sind wir 6 Spieler von Diamond bis Gold alles vorhanden. Wenn du uns beitreten möchtest, musst du mindestens 16 Jahre alt sein und Platin- oder Diamantliga spielen.

Unsere Homepage: http://4esports.de.lv

[u]Was wir euch bieten können:[/u]
- Teamspeak-Server
- Nette Community
- Claninterne Turniere
- Clanübergreifende Turniere
- Clanwars

Wenn ihr jetzt denkt: "Das klingt gut" dann geht auf unsere Seite http://4esports.de.lv und füllt dort das "Join US" Formular aus.

Bitte schreibt in das "Join US" eure Bnet ID und damit wir uns mit euch in Verbindung setzen können. Vergesst bitte nicht in das "Join US" Formular euren Namen, Alter und warum ihr uns joinen wollt einzutragen. Aber bitte keine 0815 Text.

Sofern ihr Fragen an uns oder über uns habt, stellt sie ruhig.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Deuce (Co-Leader von 4eSports)
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