Player Introduction II - A lonely Terran
Today we continue with the player introductions, written by Kaelaris. Among the 16 players that will participate in the StarCraft II World Championship Series Combined European Nationals is only one Terran, Fargo. The Lithuanian is among the four players introduced today.
Written by Kaelaris - the Knight of eSports

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NightEnD - From Qualifier #1

NightEnD is one of the the most elusive but powerful Protoss in the European scene despite currently residing in Korea training alongside his teammates in the Fnatic house. Having transitioned from Warcraft 3 and being in the same team as the spoon terran, ThorZaIN, Praetoriani, NightEnD has had relative success in SC2, in part to do with the fantastic training regiment, partners and overall mindset. Having been eliminated from the TSL3 by BoxeR early on, NightEnD aside from that has been able to tear up a good majority of weekly cups, as well as taking 1st place finishes at tournaments such as the Sennheiser Hear to Win #4, and a 3-4th place finish in Dreamhack Winter 2011. Our Dracula Toss is certainly one of the strongest players gracing us with his presence in a field of mixed skill levels, will he be able to shine like we’re expecting him to?

LoWeLy - From Qualifier #1

LoWeLy is another silently phenomenal player in the EU scene, it seems that Europe in general has a huge pool of talent to really draw from. Having played Zerg in Starcraft 1, he transitioned to Starcraft 2 with the same race in mind. Currently playing for the Eastern European faction of FXOpen eSports, LoWeLy has been able to perform amazingly well in tournaments online as well as bigger ones such as NASL. Normally whenever LoWeLy attends offline tournaments, he ends up being eliminated during the Group Stages, however that has been to amazingly strong international players so there really is no shame in his performances.

Fargo - From Qualifier #3

Fargo is one of the lesser known players in the higher tier of the roster, however he’s certainly a contender for a top spot. A Lithuanian currently living in England, Fargo has been on several teams but settles upon Team Infused of the UK, whose roster includes extremely strong players such as JohnnyREcco and Lau. Fargo’s style, in his own words, relies “mostly” on micro, having a very strong Command n Conquer background, however, when watching his games back you’ll notice that he’s able to build up extremely strong macro games, akin to M.DieStar’s style. Recently he’s participated in Copenhagen Games 2012, where he was eliminated by the eventual winner of the tournament, Kas, in the round of 8. From there Fargo attended i45 where he took 2nd place to BlinG, the clear favourite of the tournament who didn’t disappoint.

sYz - From Qualifier #1

To me, sYz is quietly one of the favourites to take a spot in the top 2 finishers for the Combined European Nationals. Why you ask? well allow me to elaborate. This jolly Portuguese Zerg is scary because he’s able to mix up his style extremely wildly, be it playing very strong macro games or even going for Spine Crawler rushes if he sees the opportunity. Not only that, but online sYz has been able to pull out amazing performances. Do you remember that gent called MaNa? who just won a Dreamhack? well sYz just crushed him 3-1 in the finals of a GO4SC2 not 2 weeks ago. Apart from that, sYz has been able to take 1st places in Sennheiser finals over extremely strong player line-ups and plenty a weekly tournament since the beginning of time.
meth, Wednesday, 20/06/12 13:37
World Championship Series - Combined European Nationals
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