Combined European Nationals - Day 1
All updates and information live from the World Championship Series Combined European Nationals in the ESL TV studio in Cologne, Germany. Show start is at 12:00
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[21:01] The first day of the Combined European Nationals. Giantt managed to win two straight maps and take the last match of the day with 2:1 from PandaTank. The sympathic South African made a very impressive run in the tournament and will surely have gained a lot of fans. Tomorrow we will open our doors again at 13:30 and start the show at 14:00

The Facebook fan action that is linked above will continue until tomorrow evening. So keep those great pictures coming.

3. Round WB Tournament Tree
LoWeLy 2:0 sYz
  biGs 2:1 NightEnD
3. Round LB
monchi 2:1 ScReaM
  Giantt 2:1 PandaTank

[19:57] monchi advances one round further as he beats ScReaM with 2:1. For the Portugese, who came in as a replacement, the tournament is over. Still he did an impressive run. monchis opponent tomorrow will be decided in the next match between Giantt and PandaTank.

[19:02] We have a winner. biGs won the third and deciding map against NightEnD and advances to the WB final against LoWeLy tomorrow. Next up will be the LB match between monchi and ScReaM.

[18:54] The game between biGs and NightEnD is still going. Right now we are on the third map, and it is a truly epic series. Whoever wins this map really earned his way in the WB final.

The Gallery from the Combined European Nationals

[17:58] The first WB semifinal as LoWeLy takes the match with 2:0 against sYz.

[17:05] The South African PandaTank remains in the tournament after a 2:1 win over xOni in the second round of the LB. The next match will be the WB match between LoWeLy and sYz

[15:57] While monchi is up 1:0 against Safa, the first LB match is already over. ScReaM won 2:1 over Wulverate

3. Round WB Tournament Tree
LoWeLy vs. sYz
  biGs vs. NightEnD
2. Round LB
monchi 2:0 Safa
Wulverate 1:2 ScReaM
  Giantt 2:0 Krr
PandaTank 2:1 xOni

[15:40] Right now live on ESL TV monchi vs Safa, from the 2nd round of the LB.

[15:28] biGs next opponent will be NightEnD who just took down Giantt with a 2:0. All matches of the 2nd WB round are now finished.

2. Round WB Tournament Tree
LoWeLy 2:0 Wulverate
monchi 1:2 sYz
  biGs 2:0 PandaTank
Giantt 0:2 NightEnD
1. Round LB
Safa 2:1 Megatronn
ScReaM 2:1 Fargo
  Krr 2:0 LionS
xOni 2:1 Arew

[15:26] And biGs just took down PandaTank with 2:0. He will now face the winner from Giantt vs. NightEnD. PandaTank will go to the LB and meet Krr.

[15:15] The first winner bracket semi final will be between LoWeLy and sYz. Currently on stream is PandaTank vs biGs. The Swiss Zerg is leading 1:0.

[14:10] sYz is currently playing monchi. Some other results from the LB are also already in.

[13:33] And the first round of the WB is completed.

[13:04] Giantt has send the only Terran in the tournament to the lower bracket as he defeats Fargo with 2:0. Meanwhile we have our first little upset with Wulverate winning 2:1 over Krr.

First Round Matches Tournament Tree
LoWeLy 2:0 LionS
Wulverate 2:1 Krr
monchi 2:1 Arew
xOni 1:2 sYz
  biGs 2:0 Megatronn
Safa 0:2 PandaTank
Giantt 2:0 Fargo
ScReaM 0:2 NightEnD

[13:00] monchi won his opening match 2:1 against Arew. The Lithuanian will now face xOni in the lower bracket, which will be the next match on stream.

[12:48] And the scores keep flooding in. LoWeLy won his first round match against LionS from Switzerland with 2:0. Meanwhile sYz won 2:1 over xOni.

[12:43] Seconds after PandaTank advanced to the next round, another game finished. biGs took down Megatronn who now goes by the name of Enchanted with 2:0. PandaTank and biGs will now meet in the next round.

[12:41] And our first streamed match is over. PandaTank has taken down Safa in two straight maps.

[11:55] The show is about to start. Welcome to the Combined European Nationals live from the ESL TV studio in Cologne, Germany. We will kick off in a few minutes and the first match of the day will be PandaTank from South Africa against Safa from Belarus. We will provide you with updates and pictures throughout the day, so check back on a regular.
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