TLO qualifies and shaves for the Germany Nationals
Last Saturday the third qualifier for the StarCraft II World Championship Series Germany Nationals took place. In the end Jaxx and TLO managed to qualify. For TheLittleOne it was a special victory, which soon after led to the shaving of his by now legendary beard. The fourth qualifier will take place tomorrow, Wednesday the 16th.

A hairy era comes to an end

For Dario 'TLO' Wünsch the weekend was very successful. On Saturday he managed to qualify for the German Nationals together with Jaxx. Both will be among the 16 players who are having a shot to go to the StarCraft II World Championship Series Europe Finals later this year. The qualification was the ninth out of ten needed points on his own Beard-Scale, that he had set to determine when he would shave again. In the night from Saturday to Sunday he also managed to gain the last point, for what remains unannounced so far, and presented himself clean shaved on his stream later that day.

The road to the Germany Nationals

The 16 best German StarCraft II players will meet at the World Championship Series Germany Nationals. The first four qualified by reaching the Top 4 of the Spring Season in the ESL Pro Series Germany. Ten more will be determined by five online qualifiers that are open to any player with German citizenship. The remaining two slots are handed out by other organizations.

16 Participants of the Germany Nationals
4 players of the ESL Pro Series: HasuObs, DarKFoRcE, Socke & RINE
Top 2 of the Qualifier #1 - 5th of May 2012: Hanfy & Delphi
Top 2 of the Qualifier #2 - 9th of May 2012 GoOdy & DBS
Top 2 of the Qualifier #3 - 12th of May 2012 Jaxx & TheLittleOne
Top 2 of the Qualifier #4 - 16th of May 2012
Top 2 of the Qualifier #5 - 23th of May 2012

Germany Nationals 2012
Sign up for Qualifier #4 at the 16th of May

Germany Nationals at the Gürzenich, Cologne

The Gürzenich is the representative in the heart of Cologne, the prime room of the city. On the 2nd and 3rd of June 16 players will be there to determine the German champion and the four participants for the World Championship Series Europe Finals. You can be there or watch it live on ESL TV.

2-3rd of June 2012

Gürzenich Köln
    Martinstraße 29-37
    50667 Köln
    Free Entry
 Prize purse: $ 10,000
1. Platz: $ 4,000
2. Platz: $ 2,000
3. Platz: $ 900
4. Platz: $ 500
5-8. Platz: $ 300
9-16. Platz: $ 175

ESL TV will broadcast the entire event in German and English. We are looking forward to welcome you at the Gürzenich for the Blizzard World Championship Series German Nationals.
meth, Tuesday, 15/05/12 15:25
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Do you have to subscribe for this or do you just go there and join the party? I'm asking because it's free entry and seats will obviously be limited...
barcraftkoeln wrote:
Do you have to subscribe for this or do you just go there and join the party? I'm asking because it's free entry and seats will obviously be limited...

It's free entry, first come first served, but usually there is no problem with our venues being full (from previous EPS finals etc)
Good to know, thx :-)
Is there any schedule for the finals yet? When do they start, when will they end etc. pp.?
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