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MatchID 21399692
Date Sunday, 30/01/11 19:45
Calculated 30/01/11 21:50
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1 : 3
SjoW wins !
Points 0 : +2
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This is a Quarter, Semi or Grand Final match so a admin will host this match - you are not allowed to host this match by yourself. Contact one of the responsible match admins if you have any questions or if you are ready to play.

Check the Hosting point at the leagueinfo for more informations:

Feel free to contact me:
IRC: ESL|Flwz @ #esl.go4sc2
Bnet: Flwz.952

The Quarter and Semifinals are bo3. The Final is bo5.

In Best of Three and Best of Five a map veto (removal and pick) system is used. The high seeded player (seeds are shown on the match page) decides who starts. Players take it in turn removing maps until only three remain, then each player picks a map. Maps are played in order they are picked. The remaining map is played last.
replays pls !
yea replays pleeease!
why no replays ? 1\4 , 1\2 , finals ? some changes? guys not good - not good
man i really wanted to watch those games because my internet went down during the 2nd game...
Omg what about the Replays????
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