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Who are we?
A team focused on Starcraft 2 competitive play. Mainly laddering, leagues and LAN’s for example.
The current team consists of players with a wide variety of skill. Some are good, some claim to be good. Some even claim to be horrible. But can you judge them?
There’s a common goal to improve and become better players, but we all know it’s not something you can do alone. With this is mind, the team was born.

We all strive to improve ourselves by playing each other, laddering, entering competitions, etc.
Did you know all of our members have a super power in common? Yea, it’s common sense.
Together it’s better to ladder, train, theory-craft, etc.

Of course we’re still accepting other players to join our community. With growing numbers, come more events, more competition and more fun. For example: Each week we have fixed events that any team member can join, like King Of The Hill and Death Matches. With these events, we hope to keep everyone motivated to improve their play and battle our way to the very pinnacle of the game.

Currently we’re working on improving our website and community. Players battle it out on a regular basis, crush noobs, battle bad manners, the usual.
Every Saturday there’s a Death Match, where members battle it out between each other. This is starting this Satruday (05.04.2011), so if you’re quick, you could be a part of it.

The future:
Our first official event is scheduled for the 25th of March. It’s a 24 hour caster marathon of live games and replays of team members. The details of this event will be made public once everything has been taken care of. Other events will follow soon after.

What we’re looking for:
• Casters who’re willing to work with the team – You’ll have the chance to be a part of the 24h caster marathon.
• Players who’re willing to improve – Having fun in the game we all love (And kick some ass while we’re at it!) You can choose to be competitive or not, though most are.
• Staff who’re willing to put in time and effort to promote the team, set up events, write articles, etc.
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