CC 2012: Playoffs live!
After a long and hard eight weeks, the groupstage can finally be considered over. More than forty teams have been narrowed down to sixteen, some of the best national teams in the world. Throughout April you can look forward to some exciting matches as one by one the remaining teams knock each other out.
We regret that several of the big name countries were not able to complete the groupstage and are missing from the playoffs, but we would like to remind everyone that the teams that are there have worked hard to play all of their matches and represent their countries on the international stage.

Playoffs: Round 1

The playoffs are single elimination, seeded with group winners facing runners up from different groups in the first round. Also, group winners cannot face the runner up from their group unless they meet in the grand final.

To minimise the number of matches played cross server due to ping, the Americas teams will continue to be grouped together for the first two rounds of the playoffs. Therefore the first two rounds playoffs cannot be represented in a standard single elimination bracket.

Scheduling of matches is in progress. As soon as a match is scheduled it will be announced with a news post and we will make our best efforts to organise as many streams as possible.

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TheRogue, Monday, 02/04/12 13:27
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