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[Official Player seeks Team]
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I'm search a team to improve my skills.
My skills are middle (platinium 1300), 25 years old, german.

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Not looking anymore
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Protoss masterleague player looking to join a team to play clan leagues and train with. (Also part of a pretty strong 2v2 team, if you still need one for clan leagues).

I'm willing to train a lot, help other people and getting far with a team.
I'm also looking for a fun but still competative atmosphere.

I'm looking for an active clan, which is serious about competative play.

Contact me on battle.net for more information about me:
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2600+, Protoss, High diamond right now ( don't even know when i can get into master league, probably soonish)
looking for my first team in sc2 with which i would like to improve my skill both in 1x1 and 2x2, get higher in ladder and get some competitive experience.
don't be scared of me - I've been playing wc3 for 3 years competitively and non-competitively even longer (~4+).

icq 206060789
skype staleylayne
msn glue_never_new@hotmail.com
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3000+ Zerg diamond leaguer maybe even master soon.
Im looking for a team in which i can train and evolve in and maybe give a tip or two to help other players. emoticon-grin 
My goal is to be as good as i possible can and with my "to become team help evolve to something great."

My acc is Zlaktarn.186
and u can also mail me on: AndreasLarsson88@hotmail.com
or u can always reach me here.

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my mate and I are searching a clan, that is still looking for a 2v2 team for team leagues. We play on the european server and we are from the netherlands and germany. Our ages are 19 and 21.

We play 2v2 together since beta and we know most of the viable 2v2 strats with almost every race combination.

Currently, we are ranked 8th in master's league with 329 - 218 stats. We are also both in master's league in 1v1.

We play on a daily basis and we are social people =)

What we expect from your clan:

That there is a will to progress in leagues and that we can enjoy the game in a friendly, but also competative atmosphere with you.

If you think you can offer this please contact us ingame!


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Greetings !

Im a Zerg player + manager from Finland and im currently looking for serious organisation to join.

I used to be the international manager & player of Virus gaming before we part ways. The february of 2011 I spent in South-Korea getting to know the Korean way of dealing with StarCraft 2. I have some videous (more yet to come) in my youtube channel www.youtube.com/user/ZoultxSC2 .

What im looking for :

A team with SERIOUS attitude towards StarCraft 2 and gaming in general.
Sponsorship to lans + other needs.
Good athmosphere to be able to develope oneself as a player.

What im offering :

A guy with Professional attitude and dedication towards gaming and the team.
Experience of Living in Korea !
A skilled and active player (+ squad "captain")

My Contact details are following :

Skype : darkzoul
msn zoultx@gmail.com
e-mail zoultx@gmail.com

Thank you for your time !
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I stopped playing before the master's league was introduced, I'm a diamond league player even though I didnt play for 3-4 months I'm still ranked 34th in my division.

I'm looking for a not-so-serious team, I will need some practice to get back to the game and after that some weekly tournements with the clan, chilling sessions like 2v2 3v3 skype and all.

you can contact me through gmail or ingame(Velkyn.130)

Kind regards,
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- Looking for a team with diamond+ skills only
- 3v3 matches only
- Terran Player
- #1 in Diamond atm
- Add me in SCII, nick: UltraKiller # 934
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German Masterleagueplayer looking for a competitive Team for Leagues, Trainings, Events and discussions about SC2

About me: 
Race: Zerg
Age: 19
Availability: 4-10H/Day
If you got some Questions, or already are interested in, I would appreciate if u contact me per Skype, ICQ or Steam
Steam: "id0481"
ICQ: "216872264"
Skype: "watashiwakukkidesu"
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Looking for a team for matches and practice; 1v1,2v2, anything I'm easy emoticon-grin

I'm a diamond level terran, ~20th in divison at the moment.

 sc2 id: Equinox#359
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Im currently a low master protoss player looking for a team to get more practice. Not interested in teamgames. Last season I was mid master and probably would be today if I played more.  I'm also quite a nice guy....
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Hello ;)

Im a Protoss player from Denmark and im currently looking for serious Team/Clan to join. im currently at 700-800 points 38-27 score on this account in master league.

I have played for some other clans/teams but wasnt serious enough. I also go to Offline events just been at Copenhagen games.

What im looking for :I am looking for a team who take Starcraft 2 serious and also can sponsor some stuf/moneys/ lan support.

What im offering : i do offer a lot of activity from, going to lans, Seriours and i want become a really skilled player. my goal is to win a big cup like go4Sc2 this year

You can contact me on

Regards Soritoen
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Looking for a Trainpartner 1on1.
also like a Teammate  2on2 League.

---  Needn't necessarily be the same person!  ---

Details about me:


        25 Years old

        Platin (Top 5, before Ladderreset)

        Zerg (Main Race)

Preferred Playtime:

        Weekdays: 17.00 - ??.??

        ID: mCRM (244)

I expect:

At least Platinleague++

Motivation and a lots of Have Fun.!

Teamspeak 3

--- Contact Me ---

Ingame or ....

Xfire: steini3


#Take Care.!
*Edit: I did a Namechange now it's:  FoV (735)
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i´m looking for an active team in SC2.


Ingamename: Verbannter
League: Master League
Race: Zerg
15 Years old
And online normally 3 to 15 hours a day emoticon-smile


You should be an organized Team
Teamspeak 3 should be there
Motivation an Fun
Minimun Platin player +++

Contact me:

SC2: Verbannter*605
ICQ: 620015443
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i´m looking for an active team in SC2.


Ingamename: cheesecake
League: diamond
Race: Zerg
24Years old
And online normally 3 to 8 hours a day

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a beginner looking for an active team


Ingame: Riot
League: Gold
Race: Zerg
age: 18


-voice server
-german team

Im realy often online,3-7 hours,
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Hey my name is Jonatan aka kakil#780 i am a protoss player from sweden. I play in silver 1v1 but i play mostly 4v4 and there i am diamond player i am very motivaded to get player if i get the chanse to join a clan !
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Hi all,

aW Multigaming clan search SC2 players.

If you are interested, please contact us :
* website : www.aw-gaming.net
* awgaming@live.fr

aNgel's WingS Multigaming & Community
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Im a swedish zerg play, ladder score around 1000, dont play ladder to serius I rather practice with mates / clan in custom for better training Im playing alot of online tournaments and some LAN events Im looking for a serius clan that i can have good practice and get good feedback of my play! 
Pm me!
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Im a swedish zerg play, ladder score around 1000, dont play ladder to serius I rather practice with mates / clan in custom for better training Im playing alot of online tournaments and some LAN events Im looking for a serius clan that i can have good practice and get good feedback of my play! 
Pm me!
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Hello! I am looking for a team to get seriously into playing SC2 during my time until I go to Uni! So basically constant playing until Sept! 

I want to get good at 1v1 again, and I think that being in a clan will help me with that. I am an English Terran player, I am in Diamond 1v1, with 609 points and rank 41. (Not the best I know, but I haven't really been playing 1v1 recently). 

These are my best teams atm: For 2v2, I am Masters with 259 points rank 59. For 3v3, I am Diamond 443 points rank 3. And for 4v4 I am Masters 0 points (recent promotion), Rank 39. 

I hope that I can get a reply soon, to get in contact, my e-mail is:
Skype is:
And you can contact me on this also. Thanks!
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Hallo an alle Starcraft2-teams.

Mein Name ist Carl, und ich bin 14 Jahre alt.
Ich spiele Starcraft2 jetzt seid 6 monaten, und bin zurzeit auf High Masterleague Niveau ( 1400 Points ).
In der ladder habe ich schon gegen spieler wie beastyqt,AiDeathangel oder Sjow gespielt.
Ich bin auf der Suche nach einem SC2Clan mit Teamspeak3, der Spielern hilft auf Pro-Niveau zu kommen. ( Spiele seid mehreren wochen high master und merk nicht stark das ich besser werde ) daher braucht ich ein Umfeld von gleichguten Spielern die mit mir meine Fehler analysieren können und mir helfen evtl sogar in die GM aufzusteigen.

Carl ( Vicious#490 )

PS: Schreibt mich doch bitte Ingame oder über die ESL seite an.
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looking for people to train with.

add me on skype: doc_revolution

playing zerg/random plat
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Ilosoxx post a topic about you on :

aNgel's WingS Multigaming & Community
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