ESL Instant Challenger - FAQ

What is the ESL Instant Challenger?

The ESL Instant Challenger is the fastest and most direct way to find a suitable opponent for an immediate match. As soon as the button is clicked, a search starts for an equally strong opponent, who is also searching for an opponent. When successful, the EIC automatically creates an obligatory match and sends both participants into the "Pre-Match" window. In this they can talk directly with one another and discuss the details of the match (server, IP's, etc..).

How do I know when the ESL Instant Challenger is active?

Where can I find the ESL Instant Challenger?

If the ESL Instant Challenger is activated in a certain league/ladder, a large ESL Instant Challenger logo will be displayed in the right-hand menu. This will indicate whether the ESL Instant Challenger is currently active, and/or the next date and time at which it will be activated. On the ESL Instant Challenger page / submenu "Times" you can see all dates and times at which the ESL Instant Challenger will be active.

Do I have to install a special programme?

No, but Java must be installed on your computer. We recommend using the official Sun Java 2 run time Environment (Download from java.com), available for Windows, Linux, Macintosh, Solaris and other operating systems.

If the Chat in the "Pre-Match" window does not appear, then Java Virtual Machine is not installed on your computer, and/or not correctly configured.

In the "Pre-Match" window a small Java Chat applet (~120kb) is launched. This is stored in the Cache of your computer, i.e. if opened for a second time it will be much faster.

My opponent has not appeared in the Chat!?

Under normal conditions it takes 0-30 seconds for users to connect to the chat. If it takes any longer than that, there may have been some problems with the Java applet. If this happens, attempts should be made to contact the user in another way, e.g. via ICQ or IRC.

If you have not succeeded in contacting your opponent after 10 minutes, please enter the match result "Opponent did not turn up."

My Chat does not appear!

In the lower half of the "Pre-Match" window, a Chat applet should appear after a short time. Also, Java (Download from java.com) must be installed and activated.

If you have already downloaded Java but not installed it yet, please contact your opponent via ICQ or IRC without delay to communicate immediately. Otherwise you risk receiving penalty points for not turning up!

I don't want to play the person the Instant Challenger has found.

The Matches generated by the ESL Instant Challenger are obligatory matches and must be played. You cannot select which opponents you would like to play!

Both me and my opponent don't want to play the match!

If both participants do not want to play the match, then one of the two must fill out a protest ticket and the other player must confirm this. Then an Admin can delete the match.

I do not have a game server, can I play anyway?

For games which require a game server, you can choose whether or not you have one available to you. If you do not tick this box it is assumed that you do not have a server and the ESL Instant Challenger will only look for opponents who have an own game server.

Why is the ESL Instant Challenger not active all the time?

The more people there are looking for a match, the better the ESL Instant Challenger will work. Therefore the time in which the ESL Instant Challenger is available has been reduced to maximize it's activity. This increases it's probability of finding a suitable opponent when it is active.

What criteria must a league fulfil in order to enable the ESL Instant Challenger?

A ladder/league must have a certain size, and/or activity, before the ESL Instant Challenger can be enabled. This is specified individually for each ladder/league. If the ESL Instant Challenger is not currently active in a ladder/league in which you play, then write a thread in the ladder/league forum of the according game!

I closed the "Search Opponent..." window by mistake!

No problem, go back to the ESL Instant Challenger page and a message will appear that there is already an open search. Click on "Continue Search."

I closed the "Pre-Match" window by mistake!

This is also not a problem. In the ESL Instant Challenger you can find a list of "Open Matches" at the bottom. Click the link to re-open the "Pre-Match" window.

Does the ESL Instant Challenger also work for team games?

Yes, but only the Leader/Co Leader/Match Orga can start the ESL Instant Challenger. If an opponent is found and if the match is generated, then all team members can come into the "Pre-Match" chat if they wish. To do this, they should click on the ESL Instant Challenger page and click the link to the "Pre-Match" window in his/her open matches.

What is the "Special Opponent" option for?

If you have already found an opponent via IRC/ICQ, you can enter their teamID here. If the other team does the same, then a match between the two teams is generated. If a teamID is specified in this box no other opponent is looked for!

What does "Send My IP Address" do?

In certain games, you must exchange IP addresses in order to connect with one another. By clicking on "Send My IP Address," your IP address will be posted into the "Pre-Match" chat so that the opponent can see it.

Does the ESL Instant Challenger Chat Support graphic smilies?

Yes, the following:

:) :( :D :P ;) ;(

Can I search for friendly wars over the ESL Instant Challenger

This feature is currently not available. Any match which is generated is an official match!

What is "reload_protection" in the search window?

In the active search window ("Search Opponent...") it is not permitted to manually load the page again. If this happens, the active search session is deleted immediately and the error message "reload_protection" is displayed.

The small Java Icon in the system Tray annoys me!

It can be deactivated! Right-click on the symbol or under your Control Panel - > "Java Plug in".
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