CC 2012: Germany vs Finland [24/05/12]
A long Country Championship season is drawing to an end. The first semi final of the StarCraft 2 Country Championship 2012 took place on 24th of May between Germany and Finland. You can watch replays of this two great national teams that has faced each other live in any of four languages, on ESL TV.

Germany vs Finland: FIGHT!

In this first of semi finals ( Poland versus Spain is the other), we can hopefully look forward to seeing some of the top names on the rosters come out to play in these most important of matches.

Perhaps Naama and Satiini will fight for Finland? and in the other corner, maybe GoOdy's siege tanks will come out to play, with Socke backing him up?

Find out it watching all the matches of this first thrilling semi finals by clicking on the four streams below!!

Icicle - TaKeTV - SETT TV - Syn3rgi

Thursday, 24/05/12 20:00
Status: closed

  Finland (#3) [2:3]  Germany (#2)

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TheRogue, Thursday, 24/05/12 11:07
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