Israel vs. India
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MatchID 25351812
Date Sunday, 18/03/12 18:00
Calculated 02/04/12 11:59
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1on1:  GSL Dual Sight, <tba><tba>
PwShadowmoor 2 : 0 ReverseCure
1on1:  GSL Terminus SE, <tba><tba>
BH2412 2 : 0 XiLeD
1on1:  GSL Antiga Shipyard TE, <tba><tba>
eman 2 : 0 Axar
1on1:  Entombed Valley, <tba><tba>
Omer 2 : 0 Razultull
2on2:  Twilight Fortress, <tba><tba>
Blight.isr, eman : Axar, Razultull
Israel wins !
ISR 4 : 0 IND
Points +4 : 0
26/03/12 16:28
Omer vs. Razultull Game1*
47 kB, 26/03/12 16:28, by hectic (ISR)
26/03/12 16:28
Omer vs. Razultull Game2*
36 kB, 26/03/12 16:28, by hectic (ISR)
26/03/12 16:28
PwShadowmoor vs. ReverseCure Game2*
46 kB, 26/03/12 16:28, by hectic (ISR)
18/03/12 19:49
Round 1*
50 kB, 18/03/12 19:49, by Noname- (IND)
18/03/12 19:48
eman vs. Axar Game1*
83 kB, 18/03/12 19:48, by Noname- (IND)
18/03/12 19:48
eman vs. Axar Game2*
54 kB, 18/03/12 19:48, by Noname- (IND)
* No longer available






comments (8)
Yo India, when do you want to play?

If you prefer a day it is not late for you, what do you think of Saturday 10/3 at 17:00CET ?
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Yoyo, we're playing Spain on the 11th so let me check with my players if 10th works for them. 17 CET is good start time
10th looks good at 17:00 CET. Do any of your players have access to NA or SEA? Our native server is not EU T_T~
Can you respond to my queries asap? I need to confirm it with my players too :)
Hey, can you kindly let me know what's happening here hectic? The match is for tomorrow but if you can't confirm it from your side then I need some notice to inform my players...
non of our players got accesses to NA or SEA , we are all playing in EU (which makes sense regarding to the fact this is an EU competition :) )
about today ill check out with hectic whats going on and let you know asap
Umm, kindly add me on skype - elroy.pinto to further discuss this. As for servers, I was just asking as a matter of courtesy.
We lost all 1v1's 0-4, will play 2v2 during the week. GG ~
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