Wednesday May 23rd: PLAY VERSUS with the PROS
Do you need to improve your SC2 skills? Come to VERSUS this Wednesday, our celebrity teachers will welcome you! Do you remember the StarCraft II World Championship Series Belgium Nationals? Then maybe you have heard of Marc 'uThermal' Schlappi! As a young player who jumpstarted his career, he can surely answer you some questions! Beside him the German Zerg Lukas 'Delphi' Hilgers from Team ALTERNATE will also be playing with you on VERSUS. Last but not least Andreas 'AcRo' Kirchner will complete the trio. This way all three races are represented.

Play VERSUS with the PROS!

We are very happy to welcome uThermal, Delphi and AcRo as teachers on VERSUS this Wednesday! You can have a fun Starcraft II night with them: Join VERSUS, if you are lucky you get into a team with them (2v2) or you can face them 1v1! Just ask in the matchchat if you have any questions you want them to answer. You can also suggest whether you like them to search for a 2v2 or 1v1 match! All you have to do is go to Starcraft II on VERSUS and search for a match! Once you did so, the match chat will open on the bottom of the page. Click on it to open it and see who is in there! On the right side of the chat all names of available players such as uThermal, AcRo and Delphi will be displayed.

Our Special Guests this Evening:

Watch live with Icicle!

This event takes place May 23rd 5pm- 9pm CET

...we are currently looking for a caster! =) PM me if you want to cast this (my nickname/ESL Profile can be found under this news)

The simple rules for Starcraft 2 on VERSUS:

The match size is 1on1 or 2on2 depending on which game mode you pick.
Before the match starts, you vote for a map
Play the voted map (except for if everyone WANTS a different map).
Of course no bug abuse is allowed in ESL! ;) We aren't nuts.

Enjoy the fastest match making on VERSUS:

With only a few clicks you bring you and your friends to a match against other ESL players. Enjoy features such as VERY accurate skill balancing, very simple rules and the chance to gain XP in Starcraft 2 for your ESL profile. For all those who are not familiar with VERSUS right now, we have some hints how to handle flamers, leavers or wrong results entered below:

How2VERSUS Reporting players: How to get rid of troublemakers
How2VERSUS Veto: How to get your result corrected the quickest
How2VERSUS Leavers: Your marking to rule them all

16-year-old uThermal together with ret and Grubby 2 weeks ago at the Nationals

Your VERSUS Team
ESLJulia, Sunday, 20/05/12 16:13
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gg! :D I am searching 2v2 with uThermal :D
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