I've forgotten my password and my email address doesn't exist any more

If you have forgotten your password and your email address doesn't exist any more you can make a support ticket to get your account back. It is not allowed to create a new account. If you create a new one you will receive penalty points.

It has happened, you have no access to your account. You can make a support request now, which can be done without be logged in. This support ticket have to contain your account link and several information to your account. This is your email address which don't exist any more and evidences that this account is yours. (not public information like birth date, name, living place, phone number, email or ICQ).

Such tickets are very difficult to handle and therefore it takes some time. So please see to it that your email account is always up-to-date! You can change your email address yourself at the Command Center at any time.

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